Help the Heroes Charity Evening


Tonight was our last night at Brownies for this year, so we decided to have a 'Help the Heroes' Charity Night.
(No more brownies for a month, yay!)
Over the past couple of weeks, we had been teaching the brownies a dance that they would perform to their parents and siblings etc. which was all very cute, especially when they were air guitaring! Ha, so good.
We were charging £1 for adults to get in and 50p for kids, but obviously a cup of tea isn't worth that £1, so we also had a massive cake sale.
Now, in the past when we've asked the brownies to bring in cakes, the response has been somewhat lacking, so this year mum and I went in to cake overdrive to make as many cakes as possible!
But the brownies and there parents were great and my god, we had so many cakes that I almost got a sugar rush from just looking at them!
Images taken from my Instagram account.

For the cake sale I helped mum make mince pies, as well as chocolate crispy cakes, but the I made my lemon drizzle cupcakes, which you can find the recipe to here and my new pink poppy vanilla cupcakes, which I will be posting the recipe for soon, if only I had gotten more photos!
I was amazed that my poppy cakes actually sold out really quickly and although they were taken more slowly, by the end of the night all of the lemon drizzle were gone too, much to mum's disapponitent!
And do I hear you asking how much we raised?
Well, we raised
drum roll please...
(more or less I think)!
How good is that, just from a little half hour event watching our brownies dance, drinking tea and selling cakes! Although it might not be a great deal of money, it is definitely something our brownies should be proud of, because every thing we can give to a charity is helpful, no matter how small, because at least we are trying.

After all that I am completely shattered, I have not stopped all day, so I am now off to cut up some photos for art and hopefully sleep soon, although I really want a shower, oh grrr!

Ps. There is only one week left for the Firmoo Giveaway, so get entering!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.

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2 Lovely messages

  1. Oooo those cakes look amazing!
    Which Brownies do you help out at as well?
    Well done for raising so much!
    JW xxx

    1. 33rd Brownies (ainsdale).
      And thanks, no idea if we've actually sent the money off yet.


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