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I have decided that during large amounts of time that I am not in college, for example, more than a weekend, this usually takes it's shape as holidays such as half term, Easter holidays, Summer holidays etc. I am going to be a post at the end of each week with a photo from each day. Generally my days aren't always interesting and I don't want to bore people with ridiculous posts that aren't really about anything. However, if I do do something interesting or make something, I assure you all, I shall write about it.
As I only decided this after the chaotic first week of my Easter Holiday, there are not any photos for then. So I shall have to start with my second and final week. Back to college tomorrow, not good, not good, not good!








For the Easter weekend my family went away without my sister and I, so one of our Mum's friends invited us to McDonalds (on her); how sweet! When we had finished getting all fat I rushed off to Liverpool to spend the rest of the day with a friend. So the photo is just my "amazing" make-up I spent so much time on that morning, but of course by the time I arrived at my friend's house, it didn't look nearly so good.

This was the day my parents returned home, so I thought I'd show you a photo of our "lovely" caravan. Honestly I can't stand caravans when you have to share it with 5 other people. There is NOT enough room!

Me, my Mum, little Brother and Sister went swimming with Mum's friend in Crosby, after which we went to an awesome park, which had a large range of different climbing frames; probably would have enjoyed the park more if it wasn't so cold. The photo is of a little chocolate bunny Kerry gave us each.

Thursday was a work day, so the photos are of some of the art work I was doing; creating book structures out of pretty paper I had made.

Was my Dad's 48th Birthday, so to celebrate he took the day off work and we went swimming in Formby, then again we all went to the park (bit of repetition there,but it was a different park). The ball was kicked into the lake about 5 times; the lake was not nice! The photo is of the greenhouse at the park.

Was a bit of another work day, and luckily my lovely Dad drove me around to some places to get photos for my art project, at some point next week he said he'd drive me to more places, because I need a LOT more photos. The photo is of the logo on his old high school's gate.

This is a photo of the lovely mess on my bed of some of the work I've had to do as it's my last day off; boo hiss! I also had to go into town so I could short out a costume for our drama performance in less than 2 weeks;scary!

Hope everyone has had a nice week. Anyone else been swimming twice or is that just me?
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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