First Year of University; A Brief Overview


Technical Manufacture- Close Fitting Dress

Technical Manufacture- Princess Line Dress

Technical Manufacture- Collared Shift Dress

Technical Manufacture- Adapted Shift Dress

Studio- Fashion Synthesis

Studio- Patchwork City

Studio- Domestic Collection

Studio- Styling Shoot

Studio- Styling Shoot

Computer Aided Design- Trend 1 Line up

Computer Aided Design- Trend 1 Line up

Computer Aided Design- Trend 2 Line up

Computer Aided Design- Trend 2 Line up

(This is the statement I had to hand in at the end of my first year)

Over this academic year I feel that in general I have progressed, in some areas more than others.
At the beginning of the year, I struggled to get into the flow of our studio sessions as I felt that some of the techniques that we were using were rather childish, for example the collages and designing from the silhouette "monsters", I understand that it is just a method of inspiration, however I feel that it is not really my forte. I did enjoy the Patchwork City project, it felt much more satisfying as it actually led to a finished piece, which I was very proud of, I felt like I embodied the essence of the brief and produced a good dress, I only wish it would have turned out a little more fitted. In terms of the investigate project I enjoyed it as a whole, but found the group aspect a little stressful, as it was difficult for us all to meet up as a group and work together, also there was a slight "misunderstanding" between a couple of members, which caused a fair bit of tension. At the end of the project I was pleased with my final collection although it wasn't how I envisioned it to begin with.
I got into the swing of pattern cutting very easily, however my problem was with the sewing side, it's not that I didn't understand the techniques or the garments went together, it was more the execution, I prone to making small mistakes, which would result in frustration and feeling discouraged.
I think I have mostly progressed within the Computer Aided Design section of the course, having never used Photoshop or illustrator before I was extremely pleased with the quality of my final booklet. At first I has trouble remembering all the different tools and techniques, but as I used to it I got used to the techniques needed for our project. I still feel that my ability to use illustrator is a little limited, and that I have nowhere near begun to learn everything that software can do, but at this point I feel that I'm reasonably adept at using it for creating technical flats. I very much enjoyed the patterns for trend project to begin with, however I found it more irritating as time went on having to use different versions of Photoshop that weren't always compatible to create my patterns, even more so when I had problems with remote access but when it came to handing in the project I was very pleased with what I had achieved.
It has been no easy feat having to commute to university, it makes my days longer, and gives me less time to do my work, which at times led to feelings of dread, worried that I wouldn't be able to do my work to the best of my ability. Despite the other responsibilities in my life and having to commute I feel that my time management has been rather good, all my projects were ready to hand in on time and on occasion before the due date.
Overall I have enjoyed my first year, although there are still areas I need to improve in. I look forward to next years projects, challenges and opportunities and hope that I progress further.

At the end of the year I achieved an overall 2:1

I had 4 1st, in; First technical project, my CAD project, my technical flats booklet, my review essay and my final portfolio.
Everything else was a 2:1!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little 

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