Wallpaper Mirror {DIY}


First of all Happy 7th Birthday to my little sister.
And I've got to go make her cake so here's a nice DIY for everyone.
When doing the wall in the Moroccan Room we had two square mirrors, one of which was red, so that was alright on it's own, but the other was just wood and we didn't really think it matched the colour of the room/wall. We had a few ideas of what to do with it, like drawing patterns on it, but the easiest was just to use wallpaper, so here we go:

You will need:
A mirror
Wall paper (big enough to fit around your mirror)

Maybe I should have cleaned the mirror before taking photos, ah well.

Measure the dimensions of your mirror, including the size of the glass mirror.

Draw out the template for your mirror on the back of the wallpaper, for the main shape I just drew around the mirror.

Cut out your template, it should look something like this, the space for the mirror doesn't need to be exact at this point, but if you want to make it accurate at this point you can.

At the corners of the template there should be a line to the corner of the mirror, you need to cut down this line.

Now place your template over the mirror and make sure the square in the middle is the right size.

Add super glue to the front of your mirror, I did this in 3 bits but you can cover it all depending on how good your glue is.

Please excuse my phone and the bobby pin.

Now glue the back of the template to this mirror, it should look something like this (cutting the line at the corners means they can be folded over one another to make it neater.

We screwed in a little hook to the top so we could hang in on the wall,  but you don't have to do this if you're putting it on a shelf or something.

And Voila,
Your wallpaper mirror is complete.

I might have to make a smaller version for myself with floral wallpaper because I really love the effect, but I don't really have anywhere to put it.
Also please be very careful with the superglue because I got it all over my fingers and it was some what painful and didn't all come off until the next day.
But as it's Abbey's birthday I've got to sign off early and go be social (plus we have lovely weather for once, so I can sunbathe; yay).

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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4 Lovely messages

  1. Oh this is super cute! And looks so easy :)

    1. It is, and it only took about 20/25 minutes, and some of that time was spent trying to get superglue off my fingers!

  2. I love our Moroccan room, the calmness as you enter through the door amazes me, the wall with the beautiful mirror you have created into something stunning , with a roll of cut off wallpaper- astounds me Beth. I look forward to your next project- Casablanca, here we come!

    1. Haha, oh lord, what other projects could I possibly do? =P


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