52 Reasons Why I Love You {DIY}


Basically, my boyfriend and I have been arguing a little bit lately, and I just wanted to remind him how much I love him (which is a lot, by the way, in case you haven't gathered) and I came across this tutorial on  Pinterest. I just thought it would be a nice little present. And as he has been in America this past week, I could actually make it without having to be sneaky, unlike any other gift that I may want to make... However that also means this post is scheduled for about half an hour after he gets home, so he won't have seen this before he gets his present...oh yeah, I'm clever and logical like that.
This project actually has it's own website...

Start by cutting out all of your little cut outs, these are easy enough to make yourself, I did them on Picmonkey, editting an image called "Blank Canvas" (it comes in very handy).

You then need to hole punch your cards, this can take quite a while, especially if you're using a little hole punch, make sure to try and get the holes in the same place.

Then go around the edges of your little cut outs with double sided sticky tape. If you're using PVA glue, paint the back of the cut out with the glue and then stick it on your cards.

If you're using double sided sticky tape, take off over layer of the tape (this can be a little tricky sometimes) and stick the cutouts to the cards. They should then look like this.

Then you simply start writing out your list.

Then thread your ribbon through the holes.
Originally I wanted to use ring binders to put them together, however I couldn't find any when I went shopping for them, I then had my dad bring over some wire, but that didn't look as good, and actually I think the ribbon looks really sweet.

And voila, you are done.
(I've made a little box for mine out of black card, which was easy enough, just make sure you still have some doubled sided sticky tape left.)
I'm really proud of this, I hope Dan likes it. 
(I told him I was making him a present, and he was trying to get me to tell him what it is, but that would just ruin it!)

But anyway, my boyfriend is now back from America, so I'm busy having a very big cuddle and probably crying into his shoulder because I've missed him so much!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. This is so cool! The perfect gift, I love this kind of things :) Thanks for the inspiration


  2. This looks FANTASTIC!
    Thanks so much for linking it up to the 52reasonsiloveyou.com website too :-)


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