Cold Fingertips


Today is a very exciting day, as it was my Unit 3 Art deadline. I am now free of that project, what a relief. But this post is not about today, it is about some amazingly talented people I know. This Saturday I was lucky enough to go with my friend to the Liverpool Hilton to set up an ice sculpture created by Glacial Art. At first I was just completely excited to be stepping inside the Hilton, I tell you now it was all very shiny and posh, very shiny and posh indeed! But seeing the sculpture put together completely took my breathe away!
However, before we could arrive at the Hilton we had to go to studio to pick everything up. I was able to see how the ice was made, however it still eludes me how they manage to suspend the roses, something I shall have to enquire about. Also I sort of got stuck in the massive walk in freezer, I was informed just a little too late that my shoes will stick to the floor, my attempt to remove my shoes from the ground, was difficult and rather amusing. Good thing I didn't fall over or we would have had some real problems.

And just to be helpful I got to help carry the light box, oh yes, this girl obviously has muscle (not). My friend said it was a shame I wasn't there when they had made a more exciting sculpture, but to be honest, I think all of the sculptures are beautiful. I could never do something like that, just looking at the tools scared me, and the thought of having to use a chainsaw is petrifying. 

Also there is a luge as part of the sculpture, my suggestion was I should test it out to make sure it works properly, however I don't think the Hilton will have wanted to supply me with free alcohol, so if it didn't work everyone at the party will have gotten a face full of vodka.
My weekend was absolutely fantastic, hope everyone else had a superb weekend.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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