Our Mini Break to Llangollen


Back in March, as part of my Boyfriend's 21st Birthday Present, his Dad offered to pay for us to go on a little mini break, seeing as we aren't really able to go on a proper holiday this year.
So after hours of searching all over the internet we were able to find these amazing cabins about a 10 minute drive outside of Llangollen, Wales.
Even to this part in time, driving to Wales is still the furthest that I've driven. The thought of driving to Wales only a month and a half after I'd passed my driving test was a little daunting, so the weekend before we left we did a little practice run on the motorway, which wasn't too bad. The only problem was that when we set off to Wales the Satnav wouldn't work so we had to use my phone, so we got a little lost at one point, but ah well, we got there eventually.

The cabin was absolutely beautiful, with out "garden" overlooking the river, as well as the decking, balcony and the hot tub! The layout of the cabin was nice and open and had quite a luxurious feel about it, the bathroom was also amazing, the tiles had glitter in them (I now need open floor plans and glittery tiles in my future house)!

Our first day/half day there we decided to just stay at the cabin and relax, having a BBQ for tea and relaxed in the hot tub, who cares if it rained a little! Then next day we decided to take a little trip into Llangollen, to have a look around, and look in all the cute shops. We found some lovely places selling arts and crafts and such from local artists. So I got a lovely heart pin for my coat, and we got a nice little rug for the bedroom. We also found a shop selling lots of love spoons, so we bought one for Dan's mum as a thank you for looking after our dog and we got one for our living room. 

The day after we had originally planned on going to a manor house that wasn't too far away, but as we were driving we kept seeing signs for Shrewsbury, which we mistakenly thought was the home town of Shakespeare, we were wrong, it is in fact the home town of Charles Darwin, but we decided to drive there anyway, it took a little longer, but it was a lovely day out! We looked around the shops and went to the museum, where they had exhibitions on Egypt, the Romans, a brief history of Shrewsbury, and a bit on old clothes and some stuffed animals.  On the way home we stopped back in Llangollen to have dinner at a cute little Italian restaurant, which was very nice, and then we went back to the cabin and relaxed in the hot tub for most of the evening. 

 It was such a lovely mini break, it is just a shame that it was a mini break and not a break, it would be such a lovely place to be in the summer, but it gets unbelievable expensive during the summer, although I reckon it would be nice as a family holiday, as our particular cabin could sleep about 6-8 people I think. Really it was just nice to be away, somewhere different, and explore new places.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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