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Now, make-up is not something I wear everyday, in fact my make-up bag only comes out on special occasions, like if we're going out to dinner or seeing my family, or for my fashion related job (a post on my new job will be up soon).
So for some I guess it would make sense for me to buy expensive make-up, because it'll last ages and be decent quality, but honestly I don't think it's worth it, especially when there are a lot more important things to be spending money on, such as clothes, nah, I'm only joking, a little bit, more important things, like the final payment on my car, or a mortgage or my final collection at University (which usually costs well over a grand).
Anyway I think I've found some middle ground, make up that won't break the bank and good for your skin.

The prices for these products are excellent, at only £1.99 per product, and there are usually 3 for £5 offers or buy 1 and get 1 half price.
The three products that I bought was a Concealer- Cover Up Stick, Moisture Shine Lipstick and Pressed Powder.

Cover Up Stick- Fair
Luckily, I'm not one of those people who has a massive problem with spots, blackheads are more my problem, but I have found that this concealer does quite a good job of covering up the occasional spot, depending on how it's applied it can be a bit heavy, and if you blend it a little too much then some redness can show through, it's just getting the right balance for your skin tone. 
Unless it's a really special occasion, or I'm having a really bad skin day I tend not to use foundation, so this cover up stick really helps lifting my dark circles so that I look alive and helps smooth out redness around my nose. Of course it wears out over time, but I've never found a "24 hour" make-up of any type, mascara, foundation, concealer, lip stick, whatever that actually lasts, and for £1.99 I don't mind reapplying it.

Moisture Shine Lipstick- Rose Bud
Since taking these photographs I have managed to misplace my Rose Bud Lipstick, but I don't really mind as it wasn't really my colour, however I have since bought two more lipsticks, which I love; Cedar and Biscuit (I love the names of lipstick colours, they are just filled with cuteness). Anyway, I really like these lipsticks, they are soft to apply, not too heavy and when I've given my boyfriend a kiss on the check he wasn't covered in lipstick. It also stayed on a lot longer than I'd expect of most lipsticks, I only had to reapply once the last time we went out. I can't say that I've noticed the high moisture making much of a difference, my lips do feel nice and soft, but isn't doing the job of a lip balm/Vaseline (my favourite lip balm/chap stick or whatever you wanted to call it, is Elemis' Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm, which is peppermint favoured, at least I think it's peppermint). And again for £1.99 you can't really complain.

Pressed Powder- Cool
"Reduces Shine to give a matte finish to the skin" This a spinet of the statement on the back of the powder, and generally I agree. I always use this to finish off my face, and usually I have no complaints about how my complexion looks afterwards, however I would say that out of all the products that I own this product wore off the quickest, also the powder seems a little loose on my brush, I'll get a decent amount on there, and tap it or lightly blow it so the coverage is even and then most of the powder end ups on my mirror/bathroom/carpet/clothes or just wherever I'm getting ready.
Not that I'll stop using it, it's just a pain in the backside! 

One other observation I have made about Natural Collection Make-up is that there tends to be a limited range of colours, there are a fair few for lipsticks, however make-up like concealers, foundations and powders don't offer many colours, at the time I picked the palest of each product and I wouldn't say any of them are really the right shade for my skin (not that any brand really offers the correct colour foundation for my skin- even No.7's lightest shade is too dark).

So generally I like Boots' Natural Collection Cosmetics, they do the job and make my face look nice, the lipsticks are definitely my favourites though, and I've found my colour, Cedar, just love it!

(Please accept my apologies about the quality of the photos, I'm hoping that Santa will bring me a nice posh camera for Christmas).

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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  1. The Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rose Bud is such a beautiful color. :]

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