The Tale of a Sad Spoon


Random I know, but I love my sad little spoon, and I shall tell you the story of my sad spoon.
Well yesterday I was slightly starving because I hadn't brought any lunch to college, because I am a genius, so I made my friends walk to Asda with me, through the snow and all that jazz, so that I could get something to eat.
I got a lovely and yummy, unhealthy pasta pot, but when I found my friends again they were wandering around the yoghurt aisle, so I hmmed and went to see what horrible yoghurts they were looking at (I don't like yoghurts, or dairy products in general; yuck!), so 2 of them bought the big pots of Onken yoghurts. So we went back to college and sat by the classroom door to eat our food, my friends finished their massive pots of Onken yoghurt, greedy things!
Anyway, we are now at today, and I forgot my left over pizza, silly me, so I thought what the f***, I'll kind of start my diet a few days early, so we had another trip to Asda and I bought myself a pot of fat free vanilla Onken Yoghurt and a clementine (yummy fruit).
So we're sat in the canteen eating our food and I only eat half of the yoghurt, otherwise I would have had 60% of my daily intake of sugar, just from a yoghurt! And because I'm orally fixated (according to Freud, but that can be another blog post...) I start sucking/nibbling my spoon, and I don't realise I've cracked it a little, because I was kind of looking at this guy, who must have thought I was rather weird because I constantly had this little plastic spoon in my mouth, but to be fair he had his spoon in his mouth, so ha.
But then my poor little spoon properly cracks, and I'm all sad, and my spoon is all sad, so I drew a sad face on it, and from that moment on he was my sad little spoon and my art mascot.

I had to draw on the sad face again with an editor because you couldn't
see it very well on the photo, but you can see the original on my

So now he just sits on my table in art, being cute and sad. And although he is sad it makes me happy to look at him, because he is my little sad spoon.

Thank you for reading my random story, have a great week.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.

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2 Lovely messages

  1. note to self: don't chew on plastic spoons. Ha
    New follower here.

    1. Hehe, nah, it's okay, he's my little mascot!


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