The First Snow!


In fact, it is the first snow of the year and possibly the only snow of the year. You never quite know what you're going to get around here, especially in this part of the country In the north east it snows a lot more, but  here, its just crazy. Last year it snowed on my birthday, which is in February and yet we had had no snow over Christmas, the weather here is just bizarre. Even last September was insane, it would be from scorching hot to monsoon rainfall in the same day, and we had to put up with that for 2 months, it was very annoying when it came to getting dressed in the morning.
But anyway, back to the snow.

mine and abbeys foot prints.

i know im not looking at the camera, but i had to make sure
i pressed the right button on my phone.

snowy street
Earlier I wrapped my sister up in like 20 layers of clothes, and we went to play in the snow for 5 minutes, just in case it all disappeared, I really wish I lived closer to my friends so we could have a massive snowball fight, but alas that shall have to wait! The snow covered landscapes can be so beautiful, and there is nothing better than walking in a bit of undisturbed snow, it's so satisfying to be the first people to walk in that snow. I think the novelty of snow can wear out pretty quickly once we realise how inconvenient it is, England is just rather unequiped for snow and we just don't do anything about it because we never expect to have it.
While writing this post, my little sister (who is off "ill") spotted some of the other kids playing in the street, when I asked apparently you can pick up your kids from school, as the snow is only going to get worse, but I couldn't find anything on the website and when I finally got hold of my Mum, she said it's not worth taking Abbey out, cos we'll be out of the warm for about half an hour. So my little brother will hate me when he gets home, but what can I do?
Hopefully if there is still enough snow when we get to Mum's later this afternoon we can play properly in the snow, or at least I can, yay. Drinking hot chocolate in the snow is one of my fondest memories from a couple of years ago and my 18th birthday will always be frosted with the icing sugar that was the snow. Wondering around Notting Hill in not enough layers was cold but still wonderful.
But I'm really not looking forward to walking to and from work tomorrow, knowing my luck I'm gonna fall over on my bum, and it will be cold and wet and painful *sigh*.

For everyone else who has snow, I hope you're having a great time and please send me some amazing photos of your awesome snowmen! I doubt i'll have a chance to make one *sad face*.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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