Earring Holder {DIY}


This is a DIY that I did last summer, but shortly after putting the photos on to my laptop and deleting them off of my camera, my laptop decided to die, so yeah... But nearly a year later I am finally posting it, hurray!
Now as some of you have probably gathered I like jewellery, really like jewellery, which is sad when my random little cute earrings get lost, but over time I have collected some rather lovely dangley earrings, so why not display them? Also it makes it a lot easier to just grab a pair in the morning when I'm in a rush!
So here is my:
Earring Holder D.I.Y

Before you start you will have to remove the glass and the backing panel (you aren't going to need them).

Start by painting your frame, it doesn't have to be white, but I thought it would be a nice contrast to my black lace (it took me ages to find a frame like this that wasn't stupidly expensive)!

You'll probably have to give it a couple of coats of paint to make sure it is completely white and to hide any brush marks (they are more obvious on the lower levels).

Once it's all painted and dried, turn it over and place your lace over the top and cut it to the right size, make sure you leave enough lace at the edge of the open space to stick down the lace.

Put a line of super glue/double sided sticky tape around the entire frame, making sure the lace will reach it when it's stuck down. (I used double sided sticky tape at first, and I would recommend the super glue; it will hold it a lot better, the tape may give way under the weight of the earrings, just be careful not to get the glue on your fingers).

Let the glue dry and voila! You are done! 

Doesn't it look pretty?!
(Yes, that is a beer bottle- I like bottles).

This is obviously a rather easy D.I.Y, but it can take a while, mostly because you are literally waiting for paint to dry! You could always sit out in the garden on a nice sunny day and do it, it might speed up the process a little.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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