Silhouettes & Detail- Time Lapse {Uni}


This have definitely been one of my favourite projects while at University, not only did it include in depth research, but creative process, drawing, and manufacturing.
To begin with we were able to choose our own groups, and we were given a decade from the last century and an era from longer ago. We were given the 1970s and the Elizabethan Era, we then had to research and create a powerpoint presentation to show the class (we had to make sure we had visited at least one exhibition).

When doing research on a particular time in history, keeping in mind that it has to be related back to fashion, we tend to use the PEST method:

And it's really interesting to see how all these different areas have had an effect on fashion.

These images only demonstrate a small amount of work that went into this project, for instance the page with 8 design drawings, they were chosen from about 140 drawings! They were meant to be quick sketches, but I just can't help shading them in! Generally I don'd mind the design process, its the sewing that I can't stand, I know the theory and how it's meant to be done, but it just never quite goes right! As I said earlier, we had to do a presentation as a group, which let's just say wasn't stress free. But, we started our individual work, which I found slightly difficult, because I really don't like doing collage, it’s just not a method I am particularly fond on, however I did manage to create a couple of good ones. Although some of the collages weren’t great, I felt that I was able to get some interesting and contemporary design development from them, although I did suffer from some awful designers block. In the end I really liked my final design, however I found it extremely frustrating that my sewing skills don’t match my design or pattern cutting skills. Although my shirt came out decently it was definitely not at the quality I would have liked, but I still think it has a contemporary high end feel to it.

Obviously all the work above has been reworked for portfolio submission, but I shall share all of that separately.

Let me know what you think?!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.  

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