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Since July last Year, I have been learning to drive. I had always wanted to learn, but it never seemed like something I had to do, but last year the timing just seemed right; my next birthday would be my 21st, I have a boyfriend that I love, more than anything, an excitable dog, who needs more exciting places to go on walks, a house (rented of course) which always seems to be covered in dog hair and honestly I was tired of having to get the bus everywhere, and bored of not being able to go places because of the limitations and expense of public transport. 

So I worked my little but (okay, maybe not so little) off doing overtime at work, and believe me it was a lot, everyday that I wasn't in university, I was in work, apart from Sundays, which I'd have to split between quality time with Dan and getting university work done. And once I'd finished, I go from doing 4 hours a week (my contracted hours) to working 6 days a week, all in all I think I managed to save up about £1500, which is all gone now *sad face*, about £250 went on rent, £250 was turned into dollars for spending money on our trip to America and about £900 went on learning to drive, it could have been less, but I was too lazy to take my theory test, but believe me, as soon as I passed that (first time), I booked my driving test for 5 weeks later.
And guess what, World? I passed!!! First Time!!!
Apparently I am the first person in my family to pass first time since my Granddad, so hopefully he's extra proud of me, wherever he is now.
I must say that my test of absolutely terrifying, on the day I must have gone through 20 different emotions; I spent as much of the morning I could in bed, just trying to ignore that is was happening, then when it got closer to the time I had to get up, I decided to hide under the covers and cry. Once my lesson prior to my test started, I was just getting frustrated at myself for not driving well and messing everything else. Oooh, just before I left for my lesson, I got a letter through saying that I couldn't have my credit card yet because I hadn't signed something that had to be signed, which was a load of rubbish, because I went into the bank and did it all with the financial adviser, what annoyed me the most was that the letter made it sound like the bank had already sent me something to sign when they bloody hell hadn't, so that anger kind of fuelled me through my test. As well as me and my instructor trying a new method where she told me that I wasn't allowed a pass certificate, so I had to prove her wrong. I always find that proving people wrong is better motivation , than doing what they expect of you. However, I later found out that my Mum didn't expect me to pass because I get rather nervous and stressed about tests and projects and things like that, I bet though, if I'd known what she thought before my test it would have just made me more nervous!
I was so amazed when I passed, it's just such an amazing feeling, I smiled nearly all day, although I did have to go to work about an hour after passing, so that kind of put a downer on it, but I made it through!
Now we just have to endure the struggle of finding me a car on our limited budget and then affording the insurance, but I'll manage, I know I will. Also I now get to go to Alton Towers for the first time this summer (Dan promised when I could drive that we would go)!

Does anyone have any interesting stories about learning to drive or their test?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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