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I remember when I went to London last February and when we were in the massive, and I mean MASSIVE Topshop, we saw these amazing cases, similar to the ones below that had beautiful glitter dancing beneath the surface, and I was abslutely heartbroken that there weren't any cases for my Iphone 5C. But nearly exactly a year later I found the wonderful website that creates these fabulous cases. I have completely fallen in love with these quirky designs and I just had to have one! So I've rounded up a couple of the super cute cases for you to browse. Some sale some full price, and of course you are welcome to go on the website and explore for yourself!
Iridescent Glitter Case | £18 | IPhone 6/6S Plus | IPhone 6/6S | IPhone 5C | IPhone 5/5S
Heart Macaroon Case  | Sale | £6 | IPhone 6/6S PlusIPhone 6/6S | IPhone 5C | IPhone 5/5S
Angel Caticorn Case | Sale | £7.50 | IPhone 6/6S Plus | IPhone 6/6S | IPhone 5C | IPhone 5S
Caticorn Case | £12 | IPhone 5C
Cat-Nut Case | £12 | IPhone 6/6S Plus | IPhone 6/6S | IPhone 5C | IPhone 5/5S
Cat-Nut Coin Purse | $12 

Googly Pug Case | £15 | Samsung S5 | Samsung S6
Glitter Unicorn Case | £18 | Samsung S5 | Samsung S6

I used to have a case with the glitter trapped inside, but unfortunately an air bubble formed which just continued to grow and grow so I had to change my case. Which although I love them has put me off having another slightly. So when I picked my new case I was cost effective and picked one from the sale that I absolutely love! I love hearts, I love glitter and I LOVE MACAROONS! So if this isn't the perfect case for me I don't know what is!

I was also a little naughty and ordered a case for an Iphone 6, since that's what I am planning on getting when it's time for me to upgrade and I just couldn't cope not having this beautiful case! When my package arrived it was in an awesome shiny silver package, with a cute business card inside. The cases also come with a screen protector, which has made me realise how much I drop my phone! Oops!

Which one is your favourite?

Happy Valentines Day!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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  1. Love these gorgeous phone cases! The pug one is adorable. Great gift ideas!


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