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As part of my placement at Sophie & Anna Dressmakers/ The Bridal  StudioI was lucky enough to attend a wedding Fayre with them. I can't really explain how excited I was about this, even for months running up to it. Since I'm not engaged and don't really know anyone who is engaged, I haven't attended a wedding Fayre before. But anything wedding I just find incredibly exciting; dresses, flowers, shoes, venues, suits, cars, just all of it!!! 

Red Floral Architecture

As you can imagine, the run up to the show was a little (to say the least) stressful, as any big event if for your business. We had a new wedding dress to make (centre dress above), designed around an image I found while doing research for the event. I just love the simplicity of it, it looks so elegant and the crystal trim at the waist is beautiful. We were also making a new bridesmaid dress (not pictured) and two flower girls dresses, which are just so pretty I can't decide which I love more! 

As well as making the dresses, as well as carrying on with our regular orders and alterations, we were doing research for the event, including looking at other stalls for layout and decoration, and other dresses for latest trends. While researching we came across a beautiful wedding boutique I'm Australia called the Babushka Ballerina, it is honestly just so amazing and pretty! 

So anyway, on Friday we left around 1:30PM to head to Liverpool to set up our stall. I was amazed by how big the space was at the exhibitor centre, and all the different people exhibiting. Before we could set up we met with Prop Me Pretty, who we hired the flower wall off, it caught to many people's eyes while we were setting up. I really love it, I'm convinced I want one for when I get married. Once the wall was in place it was really just a matter of putting together the mannequins and dressing them, in the end I don't think it took more than a couple of hours, and most of that time was carrying stuff from the van. 

On the Saturday we were all up bright and early for the drive to Liverpool, during which we were pitting leaflet packs together for the day. We probably got there about an hour before the show opened so we put the finishing touches on the stall and went and got some breakfast from one of the venders, mm, yummy pastries! Once the show started we took it in turn to look around the rest of the show. It was honestly so amazing. There was stalls from cake shops, one of which I recognised from Liverpool, The Cake Shop, and had a chat with their intern which was nice! There was also an absolutely incredible stall (images above) for a company that does table decorating called Red Floral Architecture, it was just mind blowing, the trees and flowers and candles, I was amazed, especially with how expensive it is, but if I could afford it I would definitely let them decorate my wedding. I also got to have a quick look at the fashion show, and this is how I can tell that I really love weddings, because when the men came out in their suits, I actually welled up s little bit, I know I would have with the brides, but I didn't get to see any of the wedding dresses.

Unfortunately this is when the day took a bit of a turn, just as it was getting busy and we were talking to lots of of potential clients, there was a power cut to the whole of Albert docks, which people just kind of went with for 20 minutes as there was back up lights. But then we were all asked to go to the atrium to wait while they tried to sort the situation. However we waited for 2 hours before being told that the show had to be cancelled for the day! Which was a shame for me as I was only there for the day, but Sophie and Anna said that Sunday was really busy and a good experience. 

I definitely look forward to going to more wedding fayres!

What was your first experience of a wedding fayre like?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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