Stella McCartney {Designer Day}


Stella McCartney
Autumn Winter 2015/16

McCartney's collection for AW15 was as stylish as ever, with a clear customer in mind, she ticks the boxes for a client who's busy life would never get in the way of being chic! What really caught my eye about this collection were all the asymmetric silhouettes combined with effective layering. The concept of this collection was a merge of "celebrating freedom" and "exploring classics" and although these ideas may seem worlds apart they come together in a chic twist of the classic woman.

These images are just a few of my favourites from the collection. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a big comfy jumper, especially big comfy jumpers that are interesting and stylish! For this reason McCartney's assymetric layered jumper and jumper dresses scream out to me. Believe me if I could afford one I would buy one without a moments thought!

I also love the combination of the loose floaty trousers, being pulled in to a tiny waist with a massive belt, completed with a subtle sweetheart neckline layered over a skirt. It's classic, but a little different, and surely a look that everyone could pull off.

The dress above, for me, is like a perfect little black dress with a touch of mystery. The layers are elegant, while the added length would allow you to feel like you weren't too exposed. And the neckline/straps, half on the shoulder, half off, gives such a point of interest that jewellery just wouldn't be necessary! (Although looking more closely at this dress, I actually can't tell if it's a long pair of tailored shorts, but even if they are, it's still a marvellous piece of clothing!)

I just love this collection because of the combination of classic tailoring mixed with unconventional shapes, that are used to create classic flattering silhouettes!

What do you think of McCartney's contradicting themes as a collection?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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