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Back in October, I did a 4 week internship with AX Paris, based in Manchester. I was a social media and merchandising intern, which wouldn't usually be the type of position I would go for, being a fashion design student, but I was just so excited that they were interested in my application that it really didn't matter what I would be doing, I was just excited to be part of the company.

When I first arrived it honestly wasn't what I was expected; I thought the premises would be bigger since it's a well company and I thought there would have been more people in the office. But with it being smaller it means I got to know more people which was nice.

While I was there I had a mixture of responsibilities/tasks. One of the first things they had me do was research possible bloggers or instagrammers to work with, looking at how many followers they had, their style and how they present their posts to see if they would be a good match for the AX Paris brand. I also collected their contact details and location, these were updated in a spreadsheet that I worked on for the month that I was at AX Paris. I think by the end I had over 100 different bloggers, some of which I follow now myself. This was definitely one of my favourite tasks as I was getting to read great content and look at amazing photographs and it still being part of my job.

I also did work on the back end of the website. Checking stock levels, looking at item descriptions to make them more accessible for search engines and adding META descriptions, as well as colour options. Although those can get a little tedious when you have 20 products on one page and over 100 pages!

Another one of the tasks that I enjoyed was creating images on photoshop for the 'Bloggers Love' page! I'd be sent the images that have been either sent to us or found by our media manager of bloggers wearing our clothes! I'd also have to find the corresponding items on the website to alter the hyper links so that they images link back to the right page. Sometimes finding the right item could be a pain in the bum, either because the image isn't too clear (when the garment is combined with others in the post) or the item hasn't been in stock for a while. I was also lucky enough to be asked to write some of the blog posts for the website. These were usually about celebrity style steals, but I also got to right about the different trends we had on the website such as, Rock the Rouge and Blaque Chic.

Some of the other things I did was hang up samples, before they would be looked at to the have the designs approved. As well as tidying up the showroom before the buying meeting, as well as making drinks while the meeting was taking place.

I had a wonderful time working for AX Paris, although it was exhausting travelling so much, but I met some wonderful people and have a better idea of how one of my favourite brands works behind the scenes.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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