Lacking the Essentials


Looking through my wardrobe I have always noticed that I don't own many staple pieces, for example, I only have one pair of wearable jeans. There was a time when I had about 5, but then I started to lack tops to wear with the jeans and over the years this has been slowly progressing, so now I have found I am completely lacking the real essentials of a girls' wardrobe.

1. Moto Grey/Blue Jamie Jeans By Topshop
2. Scoop Neck Basic Tops by New Look
3. Black Vans by Vans (at Schuh)
4. Leather Bag by Asos

On the shoe front, when it comes to day to day wear, I mainly wear the flat ballet pumps that are still gaining popularity. However these provide no support for your feet what so ever. And as I've been having some painful problems with the muscles in my feet, I find myself in need of some comfortable shoes that still look good, Vans I think fit the criteria, but these are expensive, so I'll just have to wait for the day that there is a really really really good sale. These pieces of clothing I suspect make me out to be a bit of a plain Jane, "tom-boy" kind of girl, but really I love dresses, these essentials are for my slob mode; when I'm hanging out at the Fella's house watching telly (because I obviously don't need to make an effort anymore *joke*, although I actually don't put on make-up the next morning when I stay over, I mean he knows what I look like when I wake up, so surely it can't get much worse than that?) or picking the siblings up from school or nipping to the shops. But really I should have these pieces in my wardrobe to style with other pieces of clothing too! And the big ass bag is just handing, but us women have a lot of stuff to up in our bags and let's face it, there is never enough room.

Does anyone agree?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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8 Lovely messages

  1. I would agree with the shoes! Gotta find a pair that are simple, match with anything, but still comfortable. And I say the bigger the bag, the better!!!

    1. Very true, but I find that comfy shoes that look good with jeans, don't really go with skirts and dresses. This is a very big dilemma!
      And definitely, I have a tiny little bag for when I just need my phone and keys, but otherwise I stuff as much as possible into my "big" bag!

  2. Oh gosh, YES!
    We're pretty short on cash right now because of the whole House buying process but once we're moved in, I have to focus on getting some essentials as well! I have no staple pieces!

    1. But buying a house is so much more exciting than clothes. You'll need pieces you'll be willing to get messy if you need to decorate.
      I'm so excited for you!

  3. I have the same problem, I have a lot of clothes but I am missing all the basics what every girl should have.

    For Vans, I think these looks nice but in the long run it's not the best for the feet. You can actually feel the rocks through the sole.
    And what comes to expencive shoes and clothes, I think when short on money, should always try to invest to good quality instead of cheap clothes and shoes, even it takes time to save the money for that, it's worth to have quality pair of sneakers or jeans that are long lasting.

    I found your blog from Janneke's sponsor post :)

    1. Oh really? I thought the soles were quite good?
      I'm always for quality over quantity, but I still end up buying pieces I don't particularly need, but still good quality.
      I need comfy everyday shoes and some running shoes, pretty urgently!
      Oh wow, that's great, thanks for visiting! =D

  4. I love the bag! Its so simple but still looks amazing!
    You have a wonderful blog, right up my alley :)

    1. Yeah, and something every girl needs to have!
      Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! =D


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