She Loves Me She Loves Me Not #5


Finally we have arrived at Michaela's 5th "She Loves Me She Loves Me Not" *yay* I look forward to this link up every month, oh the excitement!
So here we go:

She Loves Me

Pretty Lights In Gardens

These images are just so lovely. They could easily make you believe that you had fairies living in your garden; everything just looks so magical when you add some simple lighting! 

Cushions with Bold Prints

I love these prints, they are just so bright and amazing and can really add a punch of colour to a room. The first one is definitely my favourite, there is so much to the print, but I think it makes it exciting!

Getting New Books

Okay, so I haven't actually got a new book, I have been lent one that I've wanted to read since January, but whenever I went to the library it was always reserved or gone! I haven't bought myself a new book in a long time, but I remember how excited I get about them, you have a whole new story to discover; what an amazing feeling!

She Loves Me Not

Being So Tired

Right now, no matter how much sleep I get I'm always exhausted. And basically I'm not enjoying it.

The Olympics 

I know everyone thinks this is a massive deal, but I really couldn't give one, in fact it ruins my summer really. I wanted to go down to London for a couple of days in the summer, but because of the Olympics it's going to be impossible to even move in London (more so than it already is) and the hotels will be charging an unbelievable amount of money because everyone coming over for the Olympics won't know any different. I don't see the point, it's not like it actually exciting.

Debate TV Shows

Oh my God, these wind me up so much. It's like the people on them have no idea what they're going on about and some of what they say, one, makes no sense, two, makes them sound stupid, and three, is very very irritating! Now that that little rant is over with I shall continue to try my best to ignore these shows!

Now, that's it for this month, now to start thinking about what I could possibly write about for when August edition!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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4 Lovely messages

  1. Hi there! I linked up to Michaela Noelle's party too. Haahah.. I told her that I look forward to her link party all month too! :) What book are you reading? I'd love a recommendation.

    1. Aww, it's such a lovely idea! I wish more people would link up, they are really missing out! I'm currently reading the snow child by Eowyn Ivey, I'm only 45 pages in, but I'm enjoying it! Another book I'd recommend is 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly', it's a really amazing book!

  2. Hi Beth! I love those lights for a garden and those patterned pillows are great-the green is so pretty! Thanks for linking up :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday! xoxo

    1. The lights are so pretty, I was setting up candles in the garden on saturday; they looked lovely once it got dark.
      And Thanks, hope you have a nice week! =D


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