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No point in being coy about the title!
 I've seen a few other bloggers doing this recently (Brunch In April and I Don't Claim To Know Much) and I think it's really quite sweet. Blogging as an internet phenomenon can be really quite impersonal, obviously most bloggers counteract this by writing about themselves and their lives, but seeing someone's handwriting can really give you an insight into who they are, if you believe in Graphology. 

I love these three names, I have in fact named one of Kerry's plants, Fred, Fred is amazing!

My writing used to be minuscule, the English teacher would make fun of me, but no joke it  was about 3mm high.

I wish we wrote letters more often! And I have nearly always written my essays out first, before typing them! I think your ideas flow better when you're handwriting them and you think about what you're writing more and use grammar better!

I was lying on my floor; no room at my desk.

You'll never know...

Love her and love this song!

Mum told me this joke last night and I love it! Hehe!

We're talking about roast dinners and washing machines; we are interesting people I tell you!

I used my phone to make sure I got them right for this.

I don't really know many specific people in the blogging world, so everyone should have a go!

I really enjoyed doing this, although I think I could have written a lot nicer, it does depend on the pen I'm using and because I wanted it to look nice I used a purple one, which isn't very easy to write in, but never mind, life goes on...

In case you can't read my writing here are the questions:
1. Give your handwriting a name...
2. Do you like your handwriting?
3. What do you like to write?
4. What do you see?
5. Make a Wish...
6. Listen to this...
7. Something silly, please...
8. Who sent you a message last?
9. What do you always spell wrong?
10. Tag!

If you do decide to have a go, I'd love to have a look, so please leave a link!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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6 Lovely messages

  1. Ooooo I love this!
    Is it weird that I like the look of your pen? It looks like the ink that I call 'proper ink', the type that flows out a pen properly. Not like those cheap 10p pens where it comes out all weird. Wow I am strange.
    I love your L's! & I'm intrigued to know what the wish is hehehh I'm nosey ;)
    JW xxx

    1. It's such a great idea, right? Who ever came up with it is a sweet genius! It's one of the Stabilo ones, the ones everyone gets from tesco or staples for revision notes! =P
      Thanks and oooooh, if I tell you it won't come true!

    2. So glad you liked it and participated! :)

    3. Of course, it's just such a lovely idea!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the camel/elephant joke!

    1. Me too, I laughed so hard when my mum sent it to me!


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