Let's Get Botanical


Yesterday some of the family and I went for a little stroll around the local Botanic Gardens, making sure I grabbed the camera I was determined to take some pretty photos (I usually forget my camera and feel like kicking myself, grr at me!)
Within the gardens there is 2 cafes, both selling amazing home made ice cream, my particular favourite being honeycomb, oh yeah, it is yummy people! An Aviary (a place with lots of birds), a big play area, mini golf, lots of trees, pretty flower beds, a fernery, a flower nursery where you can buy lovely flowers and a lake/big pond thing! It's all very pretty.
We bought some gorgeous flowers while we were there and for a very good price, in our bundle we got some adorable poppies!!!! YAY! (It's featured in my new button).

Inside the fernery!
It was like a sauna in there!

It was a lovely day until Abbey hurt herself in the play area and we had to go home early, that's what happens when you try to be a dare devil! 
Luckily the weather wasn't too bad while we were out, if you live in England you will know we've been having some particularly unsettled weather, we go from unbelievable sunshine to torrential rain in the space of a few minutes, it's very frustrating and I think I speak for the whole of the UK when I say I say we have had enough! But we managed to remain dry so it was okay.

I hope everyone has a lovely (hopefully sunny) weekend!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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4 Lovely messages

  1. Oh my word! Those flowers are beautiful!! And I love the new button :) What a fun family outing!

    1. I know, I honestly wish they had more flowers, compared with the size of the park the flower gardens are quite small.
      And thank you, I quite like it too! =D

  2. Wow. This looks super magical! I would love to bring a nice book out there to read! By the way, I got your email Beth! I already am planning on putting it up! :)

    Cathy Trails

    1. It really is a lovely place, not sure about reading a book there; too many noisy children! And thank you, I've already put yours up. =D


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