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A couple of weeks ago I was emailed about a new Blogger Style Challenge. For this competition you simply have to go to House of Fraser website and put together a piece for next season.

Most of my Trend awareness comes from Vogue magazine (thank you Grandparents for the year subscription) and the latest issue (September) came with a little guide to trends for fall/winter, but unfortunately that only included three, so I closely examined the rest of the magazine to find a trend that was more my style and believe it or not but florals are also in for fall/winter 2012......YAY!

I wanted this outfit to be practical as well as stylish.

Big over coats are also a massive trend for Autumn, but really that is just common sense because everyone needs a big coat for those extremely cold days. So this outfit is more aimed at those cold but sunny days, where everything is fresh but it is obviously a winter day!
I thought this big cardigan is great because it's thick enough to keep you warm, but the belt gives it great structure so it doesn't overwhelm the hourglass shape we all want to achieve (Am I sounding like Gok Wan yet, or do I need to be a little more camp?)

This dress is great for the floral trend, although it's not obviously flowers, it is referred to as a blossom dress, so technically that's floral. I think the colours are amazing because they are very suited to Autumn, the reds and yellows like when the leaves start to fall from the trees. The shape of the dress also lends itself to working with the cardigan as it helps create an hourglass silhouette as well as having a fuller skirt so it looks very feminine.

Now depending on how brave you are, or what the weather's like, or how long you have to be on your feet you can choose either the heeled or flat boots. The flats are great for if you're spending the day shopping in town and are slightly afraid the floor may be a little slippy. And if you're driving to work and sitting down all day the heels look sexy and stylish, they will also look great when you go out to dinner (they will also look amazing with a pair of jeans, white shirt and a leather jacket!).

I wanted this bright yellow handbag because it'll really help bring out the yellows in the dress and gives the whole outfit a pop of colour!

I can totally see myself wearing this outfit while doing my Christmas shopping or at the Continental Market when it finally comes back to town.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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