A Snowstorm Of Magic


This is a book that I have wanted to read for a very long time. I first spotted it when I was in the local Library, but it was on the reserved shelf and every time I went back is was always taken out. But then I spotted it at the Glacial Arts Studio, I think they had done some advertising work for the book campaign so they were given a signed copy of the book before it was even published in the UK.

This amazing book is:
The Snow Child 
Eowyn Ivey

Because I wanted to read this book for so long I had pretty high expectations and I will tell you now that I was not dissappointed at all. I have slightly fallen in love with this book, in may now be one of my favourite books (kind of a shame that I have to give it back).

It is a story of a poor childless couple, who move to Alaska to escape the conventional life they feel they have failed at. Already heartbroken over the loss at her only chance at being a Mother, Mabel begins to feel hopeless when her fantasy of her life with Jack in Alaska doesn't turn out they way she thought.
But when the first snow begins to fall Jack and Mabel are caught up in the magic and decide to create a beautiful snow girl. When they wake in the morning, the snow girl is gone along with the mittens and scarf they had given her and mysterious tracks lead away in to the forest. It is a story of magic, love and the longing to be part of a family.

I can't even explain how much this book pulled at my heart strings; I may not be a mother, but I'm very maternal for my age and I cried my poor little eyes out when I read about Mabel's loss. I know what it's like to loss someone who is very close to you, but that compare to the pain of losing your child.
I love magical books, they transport you to a world very different from your own. The setting was just enchanting, the characters very relatable and the little snow girls is one of the most fascinating characters I have ever read about.
There was so many time that I wanted to cry reading this book, I could feel my eyes watering but I had to stop myself because I was reading on the train on the way home and I wasn't going to start crying in front of 60 odd people. One of the reasons I wish I could keep it for a little longer and cry my eyes out when I want to so that I can relate the characters more. The author's writing skills enabled me to feel everything the characters felt, their pain, their happiness, their longing, everything. It truly is a brilliant read and I encourage anyone who likes a little bit of enchantment to read this book!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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  1. OOO! Sounds beautiful! I will have to look out for it!

    1. It really is, I can't remember the last time I felt so connected to a book!


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