Passion For Fashion Blogger Competition (Too Late)


I was very flattered when I was contacted about being part of the Passion For Fashion blogger competition.
For the chance to win a wardrobe worth £1000, you must create 5 outfits from some of your favourite shops, for £200 or less.
However the closing date was Tuesday 25th, so unfortunately I can't enter, but I started putting the outfits together so I thought I might as well share them with you all!
The 5 categories are:
First Date
Party Wear
Office Wear
(But I only got around to doing two of them; I know I suck)

Total:  £125

This is a classical example of my day-to-day attire, although my boots are knee high; yay! Because what is as comfy but still incredibly stylish as skinnies, a massive jumper and boots, I ask? And the answer is pretty much nothing, unless you exchange the massive jumper for one that is slightly longer and a good pair of leggings.
Although these jeans are £25, Dorothy Perkins (at the moment anyway) have a great 2 pairs for £25 deal, which is how I stocked up for winter, I have a classical blue pair (which are the comfiest jeans I have ever owned) and a Black Pair, which of course look sexy!
Miss Selfridge is also one of my favourite shops, although the deals online aren't quite as good, when you actually go to a sale you can find some real bargains, however the sizes are slightly odd, most of my clothes from there are a size 6 (English Size Wise) and usually I'm a 10, so you know, that's a little bizarre.

Total: £120.50

(This could also be classes as party wear)
I absolutely love the colour of this outfit, burgundy is one of my Autumn/Winter must haves this year, it is just such a lovely deep colour. And although I love this outfit and I'm rather proud of my styling, I couldn't actually wear this myself, because I just do not have the legs for playsuits, I am working in it slowly, but it won't happen anytime soon! So because I can not wear playsuits, I keep my eyes open looking for wonderful dresses and let me tell you they have some lovely burgundy ones at Topshop, although I think most aren't included on the website, which makes me sad. Although Topshop can be expensive at times, it does have some extremely good sales, most of my wardrobe is made up of sale items from Topshop, not that I admit they are sale items, because people don't need to know I am seriously lacking in the money department, unless it was an amazing bargain, in which I will tell everyone!

On another note, because this competition was meant to include where I shop for good bargains, I'll let you know about a couple more places:
ASOS- is just amazing, there are some great deals, as well as clothes from all different types of shops! Also if you sign up for their newsletter type thing you get sent quite a few promo codes and stuff; my latest email from them was entitled: Free Next Day Delivery 9-5 today +20% Continues.
How awesome is that.
Urban Outfitters- this is one of my favourite shops of all time, although I don't own much from here unless I'm treating myself, it really is fantastic, as well as having awesome sales they have some of the most stylish pieces of clothing I have ever seen. As well as selling great accessories and some really funny books (Anyone ever played 'Never Have I Ever'? Ever get stuck on what to ask? Well they have a great book for that!). UO also provides a newsletter with some great offers and you get an email nearly every/every other day! It's fab! Their latest offer was free delivery, with no promo code, aren't they generous! I got my latest bag from there, which is used for college every single day. It was in the sale for £20 down from £48, I think that's pretty damn good and I really love the bag, especially now that I've accessorised it with a scarf and Eiffel Tower key ring!
Plus I'm currently (like as I'm writing this) listening to their free music service, which is awesome and has some great alternative music.

So now that you know a little more about my shopping habits and stylist powers I shall leave you to the rest of your evening!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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