The HoBo Market


Last weekend, when the weather was still nice, my friend and I went to the HoBo market at St. Luke's Church in Liverpool; our usually meeting point for whenever we meet in town. Anyway, the church is really beautiful, especially in the winter when they put some lovely coloured lights on it, and because it was bombed in the war, it all creates some amazing shadows.

Can I please just point out the Henry Hoover, so cool!

When we went in we had to give a £1 donation each (although he paid mine, because he's lovely) and we had little ladybird stamps on our wrists (looked quite cool). It was only small, but there was such a sense of community, there was some fantastic music playing, some of it has quite a bit of Indian influence, it was beautiful, I had such a urge to dance, but it was so hot that I was feeling a little faint, and I hadn't slept well the night before and hadn't eaten much, so if I had danced he probably would have had to carry me back to his/ to the van and I don't think that would have happened.
What was really cool was there was a little tent that you could go sit in and listen to some local bands' music (on an ipod) which was awesome, my friend bought one of the CDs, which had only one song on it, but it was a gooden, but I'm really sorry I can't remember the name of the band or song, bad blogger award of the year I know!

I know I've been rather absent lately, but I started a new course and the last week has been somewhat hectic, I'm physically and emotionally drained. So hopefully I'll be back into the blogging swing of things soon enough, until then thank you to everyone for being patient. I've also been University searching through UCAS, which has also been quite stressful, trying to book into open days and such, aarrrggghhhhhh! As well as that I've been to the doctors and have a have a blood test done, bloody hell, that'll be fun *oh my god; scared* - right, little life update complete.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.

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  1. It is so awesome that these kinf of buildings are just around! There is NOTHING like this where I live.

    1. England is just full of them, there are two massive cathedrals in Liverpool! There are three churches just in my village, there may be a few too many churches here, but they are beautiful!


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