Jacket Lust


Well Hello September!
Where did you come from all of a sudden?

As the weather will soon be getting colder, in fact it was already dark around at here at 8:30 this evening, how ridiculous, but anyway, I thought I would share with you some jackets that I would quite like, although they may not be particularly practical once we meet November/December, it doesn't stop them being nice and pretty!

1. Paisley Print Blazer by MANGO
2. Black Peplum Jacket by Miss Selfridge
3. Suede Biker Jacket by MANGO
4. Black Contrast Colour Jacket by Dorothy Perkins
5. Co-Ord Fluro Jacket by TopShop

You know what really annoys me? When shops don't have everything they have in store online. I know it's usually the other way around, but when I went shopping with my best friend on Tuesday, we were in Zara and saw some really gorgeous jackets. And I was planning on doing this post as an ode to Zara, but no, NONE, I repeat none of the jackets I fell in love with in store were on the website, so I can't show any to you all. This has really really annoyed me. But now I shall stop ranting!

I really do like the patterned jackets, although they aren't the easiest to style, well I don't mean that, I just mean the rest of your outfit has to be rather simplistic, imagine wearing no.1 with a floral vintage dress; way too much pattern!
A friend of mine also has a jacket similar to no.3 and it just looked so good on her and the colour is just fantastic.

I must say, I do have my fair share of jackets, not all of them get to venture out of the wardrobe, which I suppose is a waste, but I like having them, and I do swear to myself, right here and now, that I will make more of an effort to wear more of my jackets. My go to jacket right now (and has been for the last year) is my black leather jacket with gold military styled buttons, oh yeah, it's gorgeous and I love it! The Fella thinks my leather jacket is inappropriate for bad weather, but it's more water proof than his hoodies, however he gives me one of his hoodies anyway, so then I just have something warm to snuggle into when I get home, ha! Yay for me!

Anyway, will anyone be investing in any stylish jackets for this autumn?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. #1 And #3 are my favorites! I would love to wear those.
    The Random Writings of Rachel

    1. I love the colours and patters are great! Me too!


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