Guys, I Got A Haircut


That is seriously all this blog post is about.
I've been so out of touch with blogging lately, I'm going to blame it on the fact that I'm rather stressed out starting my new course, all my friends are buggering off to University, so I am some what lonely (I mean I have friends on my course, but it's not the same as seeing your best friend nearly every single day) and my body seems completely out of wack; I am over emotional, going from sad to aggravated to god knows what else (and they never seem to be positive emotions), plus my body is torturing me by being in pain almost constantly, at the minute, I'm walking from 2-4 miles a day and sometime I'm stood up all day long, so my poor little foot is having problems again and my back, oh my god, currently I have to click my back every 30 minutes and about half of my spine makes little clicking noises, even being sat up straight now with no support is really stressing my back out.

Anyway, on a better note, yes, I've had my hair cut.

Okay, I've had nothing done to the length! If anyone even tries to cut more than a CM off the length then I will have to slit their throat with their own scissors, yes, I am protective over my hair, I have spent a good 3 years growing it now, and it's still not long enough. I really want to achieve the Eve effect, you know like in the bible where Eve's hair covers her boobs? Yeah, that's how long I need mine, so in a years time I should be sorted.
But I had a fringe cut in! I first had a fringe cut in about a week before my 17th birthday, then I started growing it out that July. But changed in circumstances mean I needed a change, so what a better way than to dye my hair a deep dark red and have my fringe put back in!
Although at first the colour looked really really dark, I realised once I got how that it really makes my eyes pop, so what a better way to flaunt my best feature. I must admit though having a fringe can be a stressful affair, because when you get soaked in the rain and don't have a hair dryer, you are slightly screwed. Apparently on Monday though all of my hair dried "perfectly" according to the other girls, so it can't be too bad.

Let me know what you all think of my new do!
And I hope you've all had a good couple of weeks while I have been absent from the blogging world.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. LOVE your fringe! And the color -- the whole thing is just super cute! :)

    My emotions have been all over the place the past few weeks too -- i blame it on stress. Darn teachers and stupid assignments.

    Hope you start to feel better super super quick!

    1. Aww, thank you!!! =D
      I've been so stressed out over my art. My dad seems to think that I have something wrong with me, because I'm constantly tired and I keep feeling really cold then really hot; it's strange! And thanks!


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