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 A couple of weeks ago we started our new project, which is called 'The Unexpected Guest', based on the current Liverpool Biennial, which is all honesty I didn't like very much, there were a couple of things that I liked, but I wasn't impressed by most of it and didn't find anyone who was relevant to my project.
For my project I've decided to look at Mental Illness, specifically Schizophrenia and Depression (only because these were the two mental illnesses we studied for A-level Psychology, so I already have a quite good knowledge of these).
The images below were the first pieces I did for this project. I was working with the idea that most people who suffer from mental illnesses look entirely normal within society, but we can't see the inner conflict. So with these images I wanted to show representations of the working of their minds compared with the normality of their appearance.
 I think the piece of Lauren and the tears is really beautiful.
To develop these, I've done an extra collection of photos with words on the faces, but instead with more specific ideas, that's why I did symptoms of schizophrenia, if people are interested I can post them too at a slightly later date. (Just as a warning I look like a murderer in my next photo).
The piece of Esther has inspired lots of other ideas and my other work, I love the contrast of the colour on the black and white, I think it represents really well, again, the contrast between normality and insanity, the colour and the disorganisation of the lines show the confusion that can sufferers can experience, especially those with schizophrenia, as confused thoughts is one of the more obvious positive symptoms of schizophrenia (again if anyone is interested I can do a couple of posts about the aeightologies of depression and schizophrenia).
This project ends mid December, and then I get a nice Christmas break and get to see all my friends that are back from university, yay!!!
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.

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  1. So creative and really deep... You did a really great job with your work! I think choosing to do something with mental illness is really important. It's something people sometimes overlook, but it's a really serious issue.

    Steph xx

    1. Thank you, my work is still developing, so hopefully soon I shall be making my final piece, as the deadline is in two weeks.


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