Westfield London Pin to Win Style Challenge


About a month ago (maybe) i was contacted about an amazing competition!
And guess when the deadline is? Well, it's at midnight tonight, ahhhhh, well done me, cutting it pretty close.
And basically what you have to do is put together your dream wardrobe on pinterest using the brands within the village at Westfield London and then blog about it, talking about your favourite pieces, your look and your statement handbag!
And the prize, oh my god, the prize is a designer handbag worth £700... seven hundred pounds, that is a lot of money!
So click here for my pinterest board!
And here goes the blogging bit:
Versace Handbag
Burberry Trench Coat
Burberry Sweater (no longer on the website)

Gucci Jeans

For my outfit I didn't want to go to extremes and choose something that would be unwearable, so I've kind of just upgraded my usual style to luxury clothing! And you can probably tell, that if you've been on to my pinterest board, that my favourite brands have been Burberry and Gucci, they really do have some beautiful clothing, I can't even imagine earning enough money to be able to afford something from there! And unfortunately Chanel isn't included in the Village, otherwise I'm pretty sure my board would have been filled with their clothing.

So let's start with the amazing Versace handbag, first of all it's purple, yay, because purple is one of my favourite colours! It's big enough to carry all the millions of things that us women like to carry around in our handbags, and it has a lovely pattern, which makes it a little more visually interesting.
And as our outfits are meant to be based around our handbag choice, I wanted my outfit to be casual, so I've combined my bag with a traditional and sophisticated Burberry Trench Coat, so it is now my aim in life to own one of these trench coats, I can see myself putting it on and feeling unbelievably classy, sexy and ready to take on the world, because we all know that when you look good you feel extra amazing about yourself and lets not forget that these trench coats go with pretty much anything.
That's why I've put it with a feminine but practical Burberry Jumper and some sexy Gucci Jeans! Now I'm not nearly as skinny as that model, but I don't know why my legs wouldn't look good in a pair of Gucci Jeans, because they are Gucci Jeans!!! Also, also, also, look at those Prada shoes! They are some of the most exquisite shoes I have ever seen and how good would they look with those jeans, and the jumper and just everything. Okay, my style may not be the most "exciting" but I hope everyone thinks it's classy? Please.

On my board there are a couple a other handbags, skirts, trousers, tops, dresses etc. But one of my favourite pieces is an amazing red Burberry evening dress, it is beautiful, when you see it you will understand!

I really really really want to win this competition, it's such an amazing prize and it would be nice to have a little bit of luxury in my life, because I'm never going to be able to afford a handbag like that myself.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.

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