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As I mentioned the other day I have been sent a couple of emails recently, asking me to take part in different fashion related competitions, and seriously why not, if I'm given the chance to share my style and possibly win money/clothes, then I might as well do it, because also, I love shoes, and shoes is all this blog post is about!
Remember my other post about my shoes, well that collection is slowly expanding, however it's not big enough, as I don't really have enough practical shoes and as it's getting colder and wetter, I probably need more boots, yay boots, it has been scientifically proven that boots are sexy, no I'm kidding, but I think it's true anyway. Because well erm, I have no proof, but it's my word and i have a psychology A-level, therefore boots are sexy, yes, do we all agree? I hope so!

So here are some of the lovely shoes I would want to buy should I win (and that's how you enter, by displaying the yummy shoes you would buy, what a great competition!).
Have a look for yourselves here!
So let's talk shoes!
Now because I love shoes, I'm going to write one word for each shoe and then I shall explain, kind of.
1. Danger 2. Sex-on-wheels 3. Oxford 4. Office 5. Blood-Ballet 6. Sweetie.
1. Danger; for anyone who is watching x-factor this year (the English version) do you remember Rylan's waistcoat thing, with the spikes, well these shoes are the much nicer far classier version. But imagine kicking someone or falling over while out (and in Southport falling over is likely, stupid pavements), therefore danger.
2. What can i say; sex-on-wheels, biker boots, yeah, sexyiness all over, when a guy has a motorbike at least for me, it makes them that little bit sexier, and to go on the back of their awesome motorbike you need some sexy biker boots, so it all makes sense right?
3. Oxford; my best friend is attending Oxford University and she likes her brogues, so yeah. Plus I need some new brogues, because mine broke, how sad, I know, I'm welling up!
4. Office; if I ever worked in an office, these would be my staple shoes, because they are smart, but still classy and exciting, plus I have a skirt with the same pattern!
5. Blood-Ballet, it's weird I know, but if ballerinas didn't wear ballet shoes, these should be the shoes the evil woman of the ballet would wear and I need them because they are pretty, although not very practical for winter, but ah well!
6. Sweetie; just the colour, makes me think of a sweet, especially candy canes, and Christmas isn't too far away, so it all makes sense!
It is ridiculous that I don't actually have a reasonable amount of practical shoes in relation to how many pairs I actually have, so I kind of need to win, so that, well, erm, I don't get frostbite and lose my toes, because how would I dance around my bedroom without my toes, or wear peep toe shoes, ahhh, I need some of them too!
*Use your own discretion when replacing every time I say I need with I want*
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.

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10 Lovely messages

  1. 3 & 2, 3 & 2, those are the ones I want... pleaseeee!

    1. I love them all, if I actually won I don't know which ones they would get, they're all great!

  2. Replies
    1. I seriously need no.1 they would look so good with my jeans on a night out!

  3. I entered this comp too was really fun! Looovee the biker boots :) xx


    1. It's a great competition and you get a great blog post after it, what more could you ask for!

  4. OMG #4. Has to be my favorite! I work in an office and you're right, they would be perfect!

    Cathy Trails

    1. I want to work in an office just to wear those shoes!

  5. I've been looking for a good pair of combat boots. Great choices chica!

    1. Thank you. At Topshop they usually go great biker boots/combat boots with fluffy warmness on the inside, they were so comfy when I tried them on; just couldn't afford them!


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