100 Happy Days


Not too long ago I completed the Instagram phenomenon of 100 Happy Days, so for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram I thought I'd share what I was up to over those 100 days (it may be 102, because a couple of days had 2 photos, so maybe I added a couple of days or I was just too excited and had to have more than one photo; I'm not sure).

Day 1: Sunshine and clear skies (I was at the train station waiting for my train to work).
Day 2: Started a new book with pretty over art, really like it so far (there is a review on the blog).
Day 3: Made mini bunny cupcakes for after Easter Dinner. Happy Easter (these were delicious).
Day 4: Finished my dress for my technical assignment at Uni (I think in the end I got a 2:1 for that project).
Day 5: Shooting Lauren for my styling shoot- domestic disturbia (This was so much fun, and my tutor loved the photos).
Day 6: My trend booklet is now complete and printed out (all of my family was very impressed with these booklets- oh and I got a 1st for that project).
Day 7: Sad to have finished my teatox, but happy to report that I've lost half a stone (there will be a review on the blog at some point).
Day 8: Rearranged my little corner of the office, I really like my new layout (it's been altered a tiny bit since then).
Day 9: Uncle's 40th Birthday at the Guilder Rose (the decor there is lovely; very rustic).
Day 10: I may feel like death, but at least I have a hot water bottle, peppermint tea and especially cuddles from Dan (I had a new found love for peppermint tea).
Day 11: Still feeling awful, but dinner and football at out local is making me feel a little more human (especially the profiteroles).
Day 12: Completely finished my CAD project, finally! Thank God!!! (There had to be a supporting sketchbook as well as the booklet from above).
Day 13: Finished my technical making project- technical file and all! Yay! (I never got given this back I hope they haven't thrown it away).
Day 14: A lovely Costa caramel hot chocolate to celebrate today being my last official lesson of the first year at uni, now all is left is to hand in my projects (which I think were all pretty much completed- I worked my self to illness over the Easter Holidays).
Day 15: Fajitas and a movie with Dan (nice way to relax- I think we watch Moulin Rouge a little too often).
Day 16: Dinner and Drinks at Birkers, although apparently we are here to watch the football; hmm (I was not impressed, if he'd asked if I wanted to come and watch it I would have said yes instead of it being sprung on me once we were already there).
Day 17: Had a lovely day in bed with Dan; eating yummy chocolate and playing video games (which we don't do much now as we've pretty much completed them all).
Day 18: Starting summer clothes shopping soon so looking on Pinterest for some inspiration (I really liked the green dress, but I can't pull that off).
Day 19: Roast dinner for tea, it was absolutely gorgeous (we love a good pork roast dinner- not had one in a long time).
Day 20: Have FINALLY bought myself a new jacket. I love it!!! (I really do).
Day 21: Final day of my first year of university; everything has now been handed in and I'm free (I got a 1st for my portfolio- but I completed the entire year with a 2:1).
Day 22: Redesigned my blog! I promise to start blogging more (I've been ok, but had a large gap once I got back from America).
Day 23: It's strawberry pimms time! Having it at home is amazing! (Recipe is one the blog).
Day 24: got some new cute little black shoes as my other are in need for repair (these ones have broken too now).
Day 25: a nice night sky always makes me feel nice and relax (I only learnt recently that full moons last 3 days).
Day 26: Nearly finished reading my book while enjoying a peppermint tea before work this afternoon (the train gets me into town about 45 minutes too early so I have to find some way to kill some time).
Day 27: Took my Grandma out for lunch for her birthday on Friday, it was lovely (the Office is usually quite expensive but they do a good lunch menu).
Day 28: Got some Pink Gerberas to mark the Anniversary of my Granddads death tomorrow, his favourite colour was pink and we were Gerberas for the funeral (you can read a little piece on the blog that is a letter to my Granddad).
Day 29: Set up a Facebook page for my blog and selling prints (not that much goes on here).
Day 30: Having a lovely afternoon sat in Sue's garden, isn't her Wisteria lovely? (pretty sure I got sunburnt that day).
Day 31: Having a lazy Sunday with some pretty candles lit to make the house smell sweet, I love the colour that our lavender candle wax has turned (we had to buy more candles while in America).
Day 32: Look at this amazing top I found in Primark, day made (I never got a chance to buy this top).
Day 33: a bit of Chocolat to fill the evening (I love this movie).
Day 34: Here is a selfie to present my unsuccessful shopping trip to Liverpool, I did get some pretty earrings though.
Day 35: I got a nice heart shaped bowl to put all my earrings studs in, looks very nice on the chest of drawers (I want more heart bowls now).
Day 36: 4 weeks today until we go to America!!! So excited.
Day 37: Perfect combination for a rainy afternoon (nearly finished the boxset).
Day 38: Finally got a bikini for my holiday! (This still hasn't been in any water).
Day 38: (again): bought some pretty cupboard knobs for our chest of drawers (they look so pretty).
Day 39: This makes me very happy; tickets for fashion week on sale!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 40: Went for a walk with some of my family up the pier despite the rain.
Day 41: Got some new make-up and brushes.
Day 42: Got my Provisional Licence today (driving is stressful).
Day 43: My cute business cards came in the post today (I'm so proud of these).
Day 44: Hung up my necklaces on my new accessory organiser (I haven't got anywhere to actually hang this so it's in the wardrobe).
Day 45: Out for Dinner with Dan (Hungry Horse; yum yum).
Day 46: The smell of this pretty lavender makes me feel so relaxed.
Day 47: Dan took me to see the new X-Men movie, really enjoyed it.
Day 47: (again): The first of my bough prints came in the post today, now just to wrap them up.
Day 48: In two weeks I shall be in America!
Day 49: Little daisies make me happy.
Day 50: Dinner at Sue's, love her hanging teacups, jugs etc.
Day 51: Went to see my Grandma this morning and got some photos of me when I was little with my family.
Day 52: Got a little bit of ombre going on! (Had my hair dyed back to Cherry Cola).
Day 53: Trying to perfect my next tattoo design.
Day 54: Couldn't help myself, pretty dress in time for holiday!!!
Day 55: Choosing books to take on holiday is hard (I never actually finished any of these books while on holiday).
Day 56: Got my Dollars! (felt so rich at that point).
Day 57: Went to see my Dad because you know, it's Fathers Day.
Day 58: On my way to work there is a front garden filled with Poppies; it's beautiful.
Day 59: Dan took me for dinner at the Forge (it was delicious).
Day 60: All packed for America.
Day 61: Went for Costa with my Mum this moning.
Day 62: Holiday time; breakfast in the VIP Lounge.
Day 63: This afternoon we went out on the boat, it was awesome.
Day 64: Sat on the decking while eating tea, playing cards and watching the sunset.
Day 65: Went for a walk to the shops today and there's a beautiful lily pad filled lake at the bottom of the hill.
Day 66: Went gold panning this morning, although not being attacked by a bear was my main priority.
Day 67: Today we visited Seattle and went up the Space Needle.
Day 68: Went to the Localish mall today, had lunch and bought some stuff.
Day 69:  Finally got my tattoo for my Granddad at Eternal Visions.
Day 70: Had frozen yoghurt for lunch at the mall today, white chocolate mousse flavour; yummy.
Day 71: Went for a walk with the dog this evening, looked at some of the cool houses and the lake in the distance.
Day 72: Waiting for our flights out of Seattle to Heathrow, so we bough ourselves some Seattle mugs.
Day 73: Finally time for bed after 23 hours of travelling.
Day 74: Got our Penny back today, she's now protecting one of her presents from America.
Day 75: Found my dress for Fashion Week.
Day 76: Drew some dresses while Dan was working and I was bored.
Day 77: Blue skies make me happy.
Day 78: We got a posh shoe rack; yay! Now I get to decorate the top with pretty things.
Day 79: To combat my cold I've been drinking hot water with lemon and honey in it, not really sure if it's working.
Day 80: Being bored while bed bound with a cold, I did some drawings.
Day 81: To help my sore throat (I haven't had Ben and Jerry's in such a long time).
Day 82: My promise ring arrived today, it's so beautiful.
Day 83: Managed to drag myself out of bed to do some overtime at work.
Day 84: Did some gardening in the sunshine (wasn't very happy about it- but look at the pretty honeysuckle).
Day 85: Had a BBQ at Sue's (got sunburnt again).
Day 86: In my boredom I did some designs, this time inspired by the Mummy Returns.
Day 87: It's nice being well enough to enjoy a glass of wine.
Day 88: Had my first driving; I'm not great at braking.
Day 89: Today I made a cake yum yum; chocolate and vanilla marbellous cake.
Day 90: Made a flyer for Dan's company.
Day 91: Spent 4 hours building furniture for the dining room, I love how cosy this corner looks.
Day 92: Everything had arrived and is in place, just need a couple of accessories now and an iPod dock.
Day 93: As well as taking me out for tea and to the pub (where I won at pool; yay) we also went to the casino. View from the patio.
Day 94: Went to Preston today to pick up the AddBatteries flyers.
Day 95: It was nice walking down the pier in such sunny weather.
Day 96: Beer, Pizza and Garlic Bread for tea, nom nom.
Day 97: Designed my little sisters birthday present.
Day 98: Went to Birkers for pizza.
Day 99: Wilbur the wire piggy is protecting my growing poppies.
Day 100: To celebrate Day 100, here is the guy who makes me happiest. This may not be the most flattering photo, but I love how happy I look.

I really enjoyed this challenge (for the most part) now time to find another one.

And remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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