Trip to America!


I know it's taken me a while to put up the photos of our holiday to America, but I have good reasons/excuses! When we got back I was seriously jet-legged, then I got the Flu and then I got my Summer Project through from University!

First sighting of Seattle 

First Day on the Boat

Our Future House, ha, I wish

Out for Dinner at the Marina

Walk along the coast line

BBQ on the deck watching the Sunset

Lily Pad Lake at the bottom of the hill

Dan Gold Panning- look out for Bears!

Dan and his Dad

Space Needle, Seattle

A blurry photo of us at the top of the Space Needle

Best Ice Cream in Seattle

A BIG tree trunk

The mountains are smoking!

Cinnabon for breakfast!

Last Sunset

Our view from the British Airway ZIP Lounge

Us on the boat!
We had an amazing time, although the sleep deprivation did cause a couple of tears. And honestly the plane journey there was not good; 9 hours with an upset tummy, and when we finally landed, we had to wait in a queue for an hour! And I'm just going to say, for an Americans reading this; your public restrooms are weird, seriously could crawl into a cubicle with you, so that wasn't happening. Anyway I recovered after a couple of days.

It was so lovely wandering around all the little towns near Bellingham, what I found really strange is that nearly all the buildings had flat roofs, that just seems terribly impractical. I really loved the houses though, they were all so different; it was very uncommon to see two houses that looked exactly the same, whereas in England we have rows and rows of identical houses. On one of our trips to Bellingham we went to the farmers market, which was lovely, apparently filled with hippies, but there was so much lovely jewellery that I became overwhelmed with wanting it all and ended up getting nothing *sigh*.

We went out on the boat a couple of days, which I was really excited about, I haven't driven a boat in about 10 years, so I really wanted a go, but I didn't want to until Dan had, and the day he did I had a bloody headache, and didn't really want to concentrate on not crashing. We also wanted to go out on the banana/ringo thing, but the weather wasn't really hot enough to begin with and then I went and got my tattoo, so I wouldn't have been allowed on, just in case I fell in the water; didn't want to get my tattoo infected! But thanks to our trips on the boat, I have decided that if we ever have enough money, I would quite enjoy a life style of day trips on the lake in a nice little speed boat. Also, I am very jealous of all the multi-million dollar houses on the edge of the lake, I would quite like one of those too!

On one of the colder days we went Gold Panning, something I have never tried before and honestly, I'm not great at it, but we did find a little bit of gold, which is now sat in a tiny little jar on one of our bookcases. I was completely petrified of being attacked by a bear or a mountain loin! Because I didn't have a wading suit, just a pair of borrowed wellies, I had to sit by myself while Dan and Dave waded upstream, and I don't think I've ever been so scared, every rustle of the leaves made me jump. I also had a really bad pain in my foot which didn't make the mile trek any easier, but after about 30 minutes of standing in the cold water, my feet began to numb through my wellies, so I was okay after that, apart from being prepared to run into the middle of the river to escape any predators. After we went for a KFC though and I felt much much better.

About half way through the holiday we visited Seattle for the day, and oh my god, I just loved it! I didn't appreciate the men throwing fish in Pyke Market, but we didn't watch that for long, and the rest of the market was beautiful, filled with flowers and trinkets. It was amazing looking over the entire city from the top of the space needle, I tried to get a panoroma shot, but apparently my camera only offers a "guide", so I'll have to put them together by myself at some point. Something I don't understand about America is the obsession with Starbucks, it's really nothing special, if you came to England I bet you'd think Costa is just as good if not better, anyway, we walked past the original Starbucks in Seattle, which was cool, but the line to go in was bloody huge.

Anyway, there is a little overview of our holiday, sometimes when I'm sad I really find myself wanting to go back and hopefully I will someday.

And remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little 

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