Life Update {November}


I think maybe it's time I shared some information about my personal life lately, since I haven't really given anything away with my other posts. And since I'm planning on relaunching my blog, it's only fair that I share a little about myself (I'll be doing a proper profile type thing after the relaunch).

  • I'm now a third year Fashion Design student, which means I'm on my placement year.
  • I recently did an internship with AX Paris (I'll tell you a little more about that after the relaunch).
  • I'm currently doing a trail for a placement at Sophie and Anna Dressmakers/The Bridal Studio Southport. I'm hoping that this placement will really help me improve my sewing skills as this is definitely the part of my course that I am less confident with.
  • I left my job at Primark after being there for nearly 3 whole years and have taken up a job at River Island, which has much more benefits and I get to work more hours!
  • My sister dyed my hair red again for me, which is fantastic as I feel much more like myself!
  • I haven;t unfortunately lost any weight, but instead put some on! It is definitely getting more difficult the closer to Christmas that we get, and working 7 days a week keeps me pretty busy.
  • On that note, I seem to keep getting colds, because my body isn't really getting a chance to rest.
  • I've been with my boyfriend Dan for nearly 3 years now, and I'm glad to say we're happier than ever! 
  • Our dog, Penny, is still an adorable pain in the bum, or stomach since that's where she decides to stand on us when she's trying to to find a place to sit.
  • I now eat curry, this might not seem like much, but believe me it's a big deal.
  • I've been driving (legally by myself) for nearly a year and I still love love love my car, although a couple of days ago the aerial came off the top, my theory is either something fell out of a tree and hit it, or a bird flew into it, but my Dad says he'll have a look at it for me.
  • And finally, I am extremely excited for Christmas! But I am struggling to find a meaningful gift for my boyfriend within a £20 budget!
  • OH, and I'd really like a new tattoo (in case you didn't guess from my Pinterest Feed)!
If anyone has any ideas for a good guys gift please leave a comment.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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