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To celebrate the amazing savings that will appear tomorrow for Black Friday I thought I would share with you my recent sale finds from River Island (we took the the sale off the floor about two weeks ago, but now we have some great seasonal offers on, which may have something to do with Black Friday- luckily for me a knitwear gilet that I've had my eye on for a while was reduced from £50 to £20)!


I have had to guess the original prices of my purchases as I have taken the labels off and my memory just doesn't want to work for me this evening, so I'd say take them as a rough guide.


Amelie Jeans Original | Price: £42 | Reduced Price: £25
I love these jeans! They are the comfiest jeans I have ever owned, although they are a little bit around the waist (easily solved with a belt), they fit quite nicely. Amelie Jeans and Molly Jeggings are River Island best sellers and although the Molly's are very comfy they wear out much quicker as they are thinner fabric, whereas my jeans are still going strong. I also love the colour of the jeans as they go with so many things! The knee split is also great and on trend, the only problem is it looks a little silly with my knee high boots!

Asymmetric Top with Belt | Original Price: £32 | Reduced Price: £15/20
I bought this top for my interview at River Island when it was on seasonal offer at £20, then it went into the sale for £15 (I think). This top was a great choice for my interview, I felt on trend and comfortable in it. While the asymmetric design makes it visually interesting, it is also modest so I was covered up enough the interview. I just haven't had a chance to wear it since, just too cloth for not having sleeves!

Double Layer Floaty Top | Original Price: £18 | Reduced Price: £8
This top was a great find, generally I get a wide range of sizes in tops at River Island, but this top was my typical size and fits nicely, falling nicely off to bust. I wore this when we went out for drinks with my Dad and Sister with dark blue jeans and burgundy heeled ankle boots and lipstick to match; chic and casual.

Lace Neckline Top | Original Price: £22 | Reduced Price: £7
I really need my boyfriend and I to go out again so that I can wear this top (although I need to buy a strapless bra or maybe just some boob tape), or maybe I can wear it for my Placement Christmas Night Out (I'm thinking with dark blue jeggings and black heels). I love the lace detailing at the top, it adds a bit a elegance to the simple design and I LOVE IT!

Asymmetric Wrap Cami Top | Original Price: £26 | Reduced Price: £12
This is my favourite of all my sale finds! If you follow my Instagram you'll have been a photo of me in this top , where I asked if anyone had £26 to give me so I could keep the top. In the end I bought the top and then had to took it back because I couldn't afford to keep it! But then the first day I was in work since the sale started, I was tidying the sale/retagging the sale items and came across this top, but in a size 10 (OH NO)...and then...about 10 minutes before my shift ended I spotted some khaki fabric hanging lower than the other tops, thinking it was the size 10 I went over to move it back to more similar styles, but NO NO NO, it was the very top I had returned about a week ago! YAY! So yes, it is mine once again, just not had a chance to wear it yet!

I was very happy with my sale finds! Very excited to see what River Island are doing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Also, does anyone have any suggestions what I should wear for my Christmas Night Out?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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