Liverpool Christmas Market 2015


As I'm sure you've all gathered, I love Christmas! And last year we attempted to make it to Christmas Market, only to find that when we arrived it had already packed up and gone! We were destraught that we we're going to be able to have our Hog Roast Sandwiches! So this year we did our research to find out when we had until to visit a market. We figured Liverpool would be easier to get to than Manchester, even if I drove us. So on the 16th December, both Dan and I left work an hour early and headed to Liverpool to visit the market and finish our Christmas Shopping!

I love the entire atmosphere of Christmas Markets; everyone all snuggled up in layers of coats and scarves, carrying bags of presents, eating scrummy food and drinking warm cider and mulled wine! And the lights and decorations are just beautiful! At the cross section of LiverpoolOne where you first see the more designer shops there was/is a Santa's Sleigh made out of Lego; imagine how long that would have taken!

The Christmas Tree covered in Hearts was spectacular! They changed colours, as well as there being a bar inside, talk about amazing!

We made sure we stopped for mulled wine at one of the cabins, which was expensive, but yummy. Unfortunabtly by the time we had finished the shopping all of the Hog Roasts were gone! I mean all of them, at a couple of different stalls! But we did manage to get a BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich and a Bourbon Pulled Pork sandwich, which were fab as there was so much meat in them!

The only negative was that most, if not all the stalls were food based and there definirelt wasn't as many as the previous years. It's just a shame because I love looking at the stalls with amazing unique items that you can buy for gifts (or for yourself)! Maybe there had been some of these stalls and we came a little to close to the end, but I don't know!

But I had a wonderful time strolling around with Dan, but maybe next year we'll make an effort to visit the Manchester Markets, since people rave about it every year!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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