Friday's Letter {19/10/2012}


Now I don't usually post twice in one day...buuuutt, I've been a bad blogger lately, so why not?
Also this is a lovely link-up that I haven't taken part in in quite a while, so I'm going to try and resume my habit of being part of it.


Pretty fowers; YAY! Oh, I'm such a good photographer, I joke.

Dear Cold but Sunny Weather, I LOVE YOU. You are so lovely, especially while I'm walking to college, you are so fresh and in fact you aren't even that cold and I end up walking without my coat on and it's so nice! Dear Art, You are so unbelievably stressful, I am so glad that the first project is over, so that I can have some time to relax. But I am rather proud of my final outcome for my project (which I'll make sure to share with everyone soon). Dear Lady Time, You were 2 weeks late and you have no idea how scary and stressful that is to deal with, but now that you have arrived, I detest you, seriously, why do you have to be so horrible and put me through so much pain! And I'll just add Dear Spots, go the hell away, I never break out in spots and now you've ruined my face! Dear My close and lovely Friends, I miss you all so much, you're all off at University being independent, having a great time and being stressed, while I'm here being stressed and playing Mummy to my siblings. Basically I can't wait until you all come back for Christmas! Dear Life, Please send me something wonderful, something that can distract me from stress and my everyday life, even a someone, preferably a someone, please.

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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