Excitement; Sexy New Phone!


Ladies Ladies Ladies, I have a new phone!
It is so blooming sexy!
For the past two years I had a blackberry, at first it was a nice purple one that I was completely in love with, however that broke, so I had to have my Mum's black one for the remainder of my contract. However I was eligible for an upgrade as of, I don't know, but my Dad called up and they said I was so, yeah, I could get a new phone.

And guess what I got?
An Iphone 4!!!
Fine, it's no Iphone 5, but I think my lovely phone is pretty damn sexy!

I'm actually depressed that there are so many finger prints on the screen already, they should have given me a wipe to clean it, but then I'd be cleaning it constantly!

My life is practically going to be on this phone, I already have my facebook, twitter, blogger account, youtube account, pinterest accound, etsy account and urban outfitters account set up on my phone. As well as 2 email addresses, 635 contacts (I think it added everyone from my facebook, well it must have because I only had 158 before that). And I've already added reminders, one pretty important one for the dentist. The only thing I am lacking now is music, but I can't add my music until my laptop gets a new battery, so for now I'll just need to use my ipod, but I'll carry on using my ipod anyway, but I love my ipod, so you know.

Also, also, also, 
I have also downloaded Instagram, so soon there will be a little icon on my sidebar with a link to my profile, fine, I've only got 3 photos so far, but I've only had it for a day, I'll start adding more soon!

I'm so extremely excited that I have this phone, that I just haven't stopped playing on it!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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2 Lovely messages

  1. Haha, phones are certainly dangerous distractions! ESPECIALLY when they're as nice as the iPhone 4! Have a blast with it girl ;)

    1. Oh I will, I haven't stopped playing on it, I love it!


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