Ice Ice Baby!


As you know my last post was about what to wear to private views/exhibitions, so it is only right that I share with everybody what was clearly the most amazing piece at my friend's end of college exhibition.
And obviously it was his sculpture (I'm not sucking up, it is just truly amazing and as far as I can remember there were not people waiting to get their photos taken with any of the other pieces or the artists!).

My two lovely friends that came with me absolutely loved the sculpture, as did I!
I took the photos at the end of the exhibition, so as you can see the top of the pocket watch is rather melted away. The beauty of the pieces melting is that you can see extremely delicate ice, it melts into such thin pieces that would be impossible to carve. Everybody was completely fascinated about the elements that are inside the clock, however I'm not allowed to give away the secret, sorry.
I'll just tell you a bit more about the exhibition now;
It was at the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, which made finding it slightly difficult because it is one big ass building with about 6 different entrances! And of course, the final door we went to was the right one. Once we were inside we were greeted by some of the staff from the college offering us a slip of paper that would allow us to get a drink and some food. And bloody hell, I've never actually seen such posh food; there was caviar...Caviar! Not that I could eat it, but the concept is posh, sp I had a nice glass of white wine, which may have been a mistake as I hadn't really eaten much that day, it may have only been one glass, but one glass+very little food = a slightly giggly Beth. Because I was going back to my friends house, we had to stay until the end of the exhibition to take down the sculpture, so we had a lovely little wander around, looking at everyone else's work and luckily for me one of the projects included some music by the XX, so I had something to hum along to. Afterwards we went home, had some take-away (spicy chicken wings, nom nom) and watched TV.

(I was going to include a photo of my outfit, but unfortunately I can't get hold of it as it wasn't taken on my camera, but I'll make sure to do a post on it!)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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8 Lovely messages

  1. WOW Beth!!!!! How amazing! Glad you enjoyed yourself .xxx

    1. It was great!!!
      We went to an Indian wedding yesterday to put up a sculpture! It was so extravagant (the wedding).

  2. Replies
    1. I'll pass on the message, I know he'll appreciate it!

  3. Wow this goes to show how creative humans can be. Excellent photos!!

    Cathy Trails

    1. It is truly amazing, the first time I saw an ice sculpture I was astounded and still am every time I see one.

  4. Woooooah that looks so cool! Such a shame they melt though :(
    JW xxx

    1. It is, but it can make them extra pretty sometimes!


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