Summer {2012} Essentials #1


While browsing the style side of the web and lusting after clothes that I will probably never own, I found some wonderful things, so I thought it was only right to share them with everyone.

1. Lottie and Holly Slip Dress in Chiffon Floral (ASOS)
2.  Hawaii Black Chiffon Sandals (TopShop)
3. ASOS 70's Straw Floppy Hat
4. Nicole Lee Southwestern Crossbody Purse

First of all, I love this dress, it is probably pretty obvious that I'm the kind of girl who likes flowers, therefore a fair amount of my wardrobe is filled with floral prints (although florals can be very fashionable, do not fret I do have more sophisticated and chic pieces among my wardrobe). I just love the femininity of this dress and the  shades of colours. I think everyone woman will agree that a pretty floral dress is an essential of any summer wardrobe, it's quick and easy but stylish enough to look gorgeous in nearly any situation!
As for the sandals I have wanted fabric sandals for a while as I find when the weather is hot there is nothing worse than leather running on sweaty feet. Although I have seen some sandals that I prefer the shop doesn't have a website so I couldn't get an image, also if I really want them I'm going to have a make a 285 mile journey to Brighton.
To me, this Sun Hat is adorable but chic. I really need a hat for the summer because I refuse to have a burnt forehead again and hopefully the neutral colour of the hat will mean it will go with many other pieces of clothing.
For all of those who have fallen in love with tribal and Aztec prints this year, this bag is superb. The strap is also adjustable so you can suit it more to what you're wearing. Additionally as long as you are wearing at least one of the colours included in the bags' pattern it will pretty much match any summer outfit!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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  1. Love your suMMer essencials ;)
    The Land of Miabelle
    p.s.: do you wanna follow each other?

    1. Thank you so much!
      And that would be lovely!


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