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Whilst doing revision yesterday I was having a quick browse on Youtube trying to find some nice music to play in the background. For the past year, one of my favourite songs has been 'Shelter'. It's so lovely, also I know most of the words to it and will sing along at every opportunity.

This is the original I heard and that I just love so much. I think the unconventional sounds of the backing music is sublime, it's just so different (I do also love the rest of their album, but this is definitely my favourite).

I know we will have all heard of the new 15 year old sensation that is Birdy, and while looking through Youtube, I heard her cover of the song, it is truly beautiful.

I sent it to my friend (as I know he knows of the xx cover as we've listened to a remix of it before) and it turns out he listened to it right before he went to sleep and he said it was a lovely song to fall asleep to; I felt rather proud of myself for finding it at that point! *happy face*
So, I've been listening to the Birdy cover constantly during revision. I find because I know the song so well, I can sing along and still carry on with revision without getting distracted.
Has anyone else discovered a piece of music lately that they just love?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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  1. Oh my gosh I am in love with Birdy. She is amaaazing. I'm obsessed with her song Without a Word. So beautiful!
    I'm also obsessed with the Titanic song - Hymn to the Sea. It's so depressing but so lovely and relaxing.
    & my room is just white really, very boring! The walls are like a French grey and there are a few splashes of pink throughout the room ha! Hoping decorations will give it more colour.
    JW xxx

    1. She is, the only problem is that when individual artists come out, who are so different, everyone else tries to be like them, so they are no longer individual. I'll make sure to have a listen to them.
      Mine used to be like that, when one day I came home and my Mum had painted one of my walls jazzberry purple! So mine is just purple and cream really. One of my decorations is a white thick wire (type thing) mannequin, but it hasn't really got anywhere to go, which is a shame *sad face*.

  2. I love the XX. My favorite song by them is actually an instrumental. It's called "Intro". Right now, I've been listening to Bombay Bicycle Club - a great band for summer!

    1. They are amazing, that piece of music is lovely, I just love them all. Bombay Bicycle Club is such a good, really upbeat!

  3. I love the positive vibes coming from your site. Therefore, I chose to follow :)


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