A Week In Photos #1: Study Leave


So as I have had a week off I thought I would share some photos from my week and telling you what's been happening in this little adventure I call my life:
(although I do warn you, it's not very exciting as I have an exam in 8 days time, so I need to do as much revision as possible.)

My cousins were here from Milton Keynes so we all went to the local pub where there was a charity fun day thing. So we all drank wine/beer (apart from the children) and relaxed in the sun and guess what? I got sun burnt again!

Tuesday I was trying to do some revision, so I put on the new Sherlock Holmes movie for some background sound, and instead of revision I ended up having a nap, I'm obviously very motivated.

I did revision in the daytime (well maybe an hour or two) and in the evening I had been invited to the private view of the college I'm attending next year. Although some of the work was very good, I wasn't impressed with quite a bit of it, however my friend (who I invited but he couldn't make it) said it was just an opportunity for me to show them how it should be done, which made me giggle. 

My Mother was off, so Me, her, my littlest brother and sister and Kerry went swimming in Crosby, we were shattered afterwards, but I guess that's what you get when you're playing "volleyball" with an over-sized ball in water!

The same combination of people, plus my other sister went bowling in Southport. Surprisingly I didn't win *shock* I was so close to getting spares so many times that I was getting rather frustrated and on go 8 I finally got a strike, oh yeah, *high fives everyone*.

Was just a day of revision and food shopping, how exciting (In the breaks I gave myself I managed to write a couple of blog posts). I still need to do more revision, I'm getting very scared!

Has a lack of photo, because you don't want to see more revision, as today I have been to my Grandma's for a Sunday Lunch (haven't had one in ages, so Nom Nom Nom, but it doesn't help with the diet!).

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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