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I do realise I am extremely late in creating this post, it seems that the 'Project Perfect' phenomenon was in February, however I only just discovered it the other day here
So I don't care if it's late because it's such a sweet idea and a great day to make you feel good about yourself and as I'm currently torturing my body I thought this post would be a positive start!
(And hopefully anyone who hasn't already taken part can have a chance to feel great about themselves)

So the idea of the post is that you:
1. Post a photo of yourself that you actually like and do a brief commentary of  why you like it.
2. State some things that you do not like about yourself, but make sure to say why other people might like them, or might like to have them.
3. Write 3 things that you do like about yourself.

My photo:

The biggest reason I like this photo so much is because one of my male friends said it was sexy! This makes me very happy! Also you can see how green my eyes are, and my hair is curly and my skin looks good. (Honestly I prefer the way I look in my little welcome photo, but I just wanted to use a different photo.)

Things I don't like about myself (and why others might like them):
1. My legs, don't even get my started, I hate them with a passion, I have been cursed with what my mother calls "Denvers Legs" that's her maiden name, and women on her side of the family tend to have chunkier legs! Erm, why other's might like them, they like curvy women? I actually can't think of a reason, all I can say is that under the chunkiness I have quite strong leg muscles, so yeah...
2. My boobs, these do not exist, I might as well still be like 13. Thank God for padded bras, they at least make me look normal. Some women may want to have boobs like mine because theirs are too big and giving them back problems.
3. My smile, with teeth, it's not that I have bad teeth, they are actually alright, it's because it makes my cheeks look unbelievably chubby and I don't like the chipmunk on myself. Some people look really nice with dimples, but I am not one of them. That being the reason some people might want my smile (with teeth).

Things I actually like about myself:
1. My eyes. All of my siblings have dark brown eyes and I am the only one with green eyes and I love them , they make me feel special and lots of people give me compliments on my eyes, so yes, happy me!
2. Generally I quite like my face, well definitely in comparison to the rest of me. I wish my cheek bones were a little more defined, but apart for that I'm rather happy with my face (and hair, it shimmers red in the sun light! *happy face*).
3. My waist, (although it used to be smaller, but I'm working on it) but it is still kind of small, but anyway, it gives me an hourglass figure, so I shouldn't complain *smiles*.

If you haven't already taken part then you should, it really makes you feel good about yourself!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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10 Lovely messages

  1. Ahhh this is lovely.
    Padded bra's are my life, I could not live without them. I also hate my legs and my smile but oh well!
    You look gorgeous in the picture and I am super jealous you have green eyes, I woud dieeee for green eyes!
    JW xxx

    1. They are amazing! Although Ann Summers do some good non-padded ones!
      Thank you =D I am glad I have green eyes =D You're eyes are very pretty too though!

  2. Your eyes are really, really pretty!

    Mine are green-y too and I love them.

    1. Aww, thank you so much!
      Woo, green eye club. =P

  3. What a great project! You are so pretty dear! I would absolutely love if you entered my current giveaway for £50 to Motel Rocks (;


    1. Thank you so much!
      I'll make sure to pop over!

  4. SO Great!!!


  5. This is such a great positive idea! Super inspiring. I love your photo!!

    By the way, I have small breasts and am happy I don't have to deal with back problems. Hoorah for padded bras that's for sure!!

    Cathy trails' Bag Giveaway

    1. Thanks, but of course, the idea isn't mine. And thank you again!
      I would be kind of okay with them if I didn't already have back problems. I just wish they were a little bigger, just a tiny bit!


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