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This evening I shall be attending my friend's end of college exhibition, which I am extremely excited for and I've also asked if a couple of my friends (not his) would like to come with me and the lovely people that they are, accepted.
This isn't the first arty event I've been to recently; just a couple of weeks ago I went to the private view of the college I'll be coming to next year and of course I completely stressed over what to wear and it's not because I only gave myself 20 minutes to get ready. 
So I was thinking what is the best thing to wear to an arty event? (obviously it depends on what kind, but let's say private views or exhibitions) Surely all of us ladies want to look stylish and just plain gorgeous at every opportunity, so here's is what would be one of my ideal outfits.

1. Luminous Floral Shift Dress By Warehouse
3.Duffy Grey Metal Bow Knot By Miss Selfridge
4.Mint/cream structured clutch By Dorothy Perkins

I included the flats because it really depends on your sense of style and how long you're going to be on your feet for, because walking around in bare feet is inexcusable unless you're on a beach or particularly drunk!
I love the slightly continental feeling of the floral pattern of the dress, I am really quite attracted to shift dresses at the minute, they give you the structured top half, nipping in our waists and a slightly wider skirt for those of us who don't have amazing legs (like moi).


This is what I wore for the private view I previously attended, I wasn't sure of the dress code so I just went with a simple but sophisticated dress with black flats as I was unaware that some people were going out for drinks afterwards (not that I had money to go anyway, but whatever...).

I will of course make sure to share with you what I wear this evening, but at a later date because I'm going to be very busy looking at some inspiration and I'm sure brilliant pieces of artwork, including an ice sculpture (how I love them!).

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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4 Lovely messages

  1. Approval! You win my vote. That outfit will definitely turn some heads. Have fun and work it girl!

    Cathy Trails

    1. It's one of those outfits that I'd be jealous of if I saw someone wearing it, however I couldn't wear a dress because of the weather, it was horrible!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this outfit. I think it would be great with the heels or the flats depending on your mood. Awesome set!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. It's gorgeous, isn't it?
      And thank you!


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