Strawberry Pimms {Recipe}


At the lovely branded bar 'Weatherspoons' or 'Llyods' they do a lovely, marvellous, beautiful cocktail and it is called Strawberry Pimms, unfortunately they have taken it off the menu, but that doesn't stop me from ordering it. Knowing that one day they would try and take my beloved drink away from me, I carefully watched whenever they were making it, so that one day I could make it myself, and Saturday was that day!

I always wanted to make this drink at home, however our local big supermarket lacked the proper ingredients, if I had the money I could have combined all the ingredients for an actual strawberry daiquiri with Pimms, however it was expensive and would get me far too drunk to just be a nice drink for a lazy day with the boyfriend.

Anyway he's the simple recipe:
A couple of ice cubes
50ml/2 shots of Pimms
100-125ml Strawberry Daiquiri mixer

Add as many ice cubes as you would like.
Add in your 2 shots of Pimms (in the image above is a tequila shot glass, so it's just one of them).
Add in your strawberry Daiquiri mixer, with ice it should fill about 2/3 of the glass.
Fill the rest of the glass with lemonade and mix together.
To perfect add a wedge of lime.

If you're going to use a posh cocktail glass and pretend to be a female James Bond, you will need to quarter the recipe above and miss out the ice cubes.

Just as a warning it is so yummy that you will become incredibly addicted!
You can thank me once you've tried it!
(Everything for this cocktail cost £19 and it must make at least 10 glasses worth.)

And remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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