What I Loved {Review}


'What I Loved' 
by Siri Hustvedt,
is an intellectual novel filled with art, love, perspective and tragedy.

The book begins with Leo Hertzberg, our narrator and a professor of Art History finding a painting by an unknown artist. After buying it, he seeks out the artist, who becomes a very close friend, their lives now entangled, the story becomes more about friendship and family, as well as Bill Weschler progressing career. When tragedy strikes, the book takes a darker tone and turns to desperation and depression, the effect it has on everyone's' lives fills the rest of the pages with some unexpected turns.

I enjoyed the book very much, although I studied a bit of Art History, I never found it particularly interesting, but the way the paintings are analysed and talked about in the book, always had me reaching for some form of device that had access to the internet, so I could look at the paintings for myself.
In one review I read that the person writing the article didn't enjoy the first third of the book, but that was my favourite part, it's so uncommon to have such an insightful story that for the most part has a happy tone to it, the article also stated that the tragedy was anticipated, I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting it at all, in fact I read it before I went to work, and it ruined my entire day, there was the occasional trembling lip and tear escaping from my puffy eyes.

I definitely think that 'What I Loved' is worth a read, with insightful and symbolic themes and interesting alterations of different peoples perspectives, there isn't a single page that is uninteresting.
There were times while reading it that I didn't like it, I thought the tragedies weren't needed, but then it would be a different book altogether, which you never know I may not enjoy. One of my biggest disappointment is that the work by this fictional artist does not exist, the way it's explained and the symbolism of the collections really makes me want to stumble across it in a gallery, because sometimes your imagination just can't do it justice!
I look forward to reading other books by this artist, hopefully one that stays happier for a little longer.

And remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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