"Fashions fade, style is eternal."


Did you ever have a piece of clothing that made you feel confident and pretty even on your worst day?
Ever since I started gaining weight I've found it harder and harder to feel good in my clothes, especially as I no longer fit in some of them, especially my jackets. I haven't had any new jackets in a very long time, and most were too heavy to be considered appropriate for summer, so I'd taken just to wearing my boyfriend's hoodies, I really really love wearing this hoodies but they didn't exactly go with my more "glamorous" outfits.

Leatherette Jacket| New Look| £23 (Originally £40)
I was absolutely over the moon to find this jacket, especially in the sale, I was prepared to spend around £30-35, for a nice jacket, so finding this at just over 40% off was wonderful. It wasn't originally the colour I wanted, but it did have the waterfall effect that I wanted, as well as having elastic in the arms, which is great as I often find the sleeves of jackets uncomfortable. The jacket is quite thin so I didn't realise until the next day that it has pockets, which is great, although the zips were a bit stiff, but I've managed to work that out now. This jacket goes with practically anything and I'm very much enjoying liking the clothes I'm wearing and knowing I actually look nice.

90's Dress| ASOS| £9.90 (Originally £16)
There are several things I love about this dress, the top three are; the colour, the cut and how it makes me feel. It's so comfy and it's great that the buttons are only for decoration so you never have the unfortunate incident where it's a little tight and you an see your skin/underwear through the gaps. One of the other reasons I feel great in this dress is, it's one of the only dresses that makes my boobs look like boobs and not just boobs, but good boobs, especially when worn with one of my heavenly lift bras from Primark. This dress comes in a couple of colours, I was torn between this colour and an oxblood red, however this one was cheaper, so I went with this one, along with a 10% off promotional code. This will definitely be one of my most worn dresses this summer.

The fact that I can still feel good about myself and my clothes has really given me some hope and motivation in terms of my diet and weight loss.

What are your special pieces of clothing?

And remember each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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