Our Christmas 2015


This year for Christmas, well I guess it's last year now, I wanted it to be really festival and for everyone to be happy. Even Dan, who isn't particularly bothered about Christmas, was a making a huge effort for me. I just love Christmas, all the pretty lights and decorations, seeing your family members, eating loads of food, but everything. Unfortunately our Christmas didn't start out the best! We were waiting for the first weekend actually in December to put up our tree and decorations (although we has put up our posh advert calendar obviously), but before we could even do that Christmas started on a low when we found out that my Auntie and Uncle not only lost their oldest dog, Scooby, but a few days later lost Charlie as well (the cause of Charlie's death is still unknown) and that was all in the week before the weekend of my Uncle's Birthday! We then found out my Granddad has partial Heart Failure! As well as Dan and I both being ill over Christmas and for my entire week off I was ill! 

But we still tried very hard to have a good Christmas!!!

On Christmas Day, we started the morning by opening our presents from one another, I have Dan a framed image of his companies first invoice and I put a little plaque on the frame and some little Star Wars character sweet dispensers. And Dan gave me a little robot kitten, as I can't have a real kitten and a gorgeous earrings and necklace set! Originally we had set ourselves a £20 budget since we're skint, but I think we both ended up spending a little more than that. Then we went to my Dad's in the morning for about 7am to open presents from Santa with my siblings and have bacon butties and Buck's Fizz! My youngest siblings got an iPad mini each, other sister got a posh professional hairdryer and I got some PJs, wine, fluffy socks and body wash; all the usual stocking fillers.

Once we left my Dads we had a quick visit to Dan's Grandparents, where we saw some of his other relatives. Before going home to take the dog out and have a little rest. We were then picked up by Dan's Dad (who was over from America) to take us to Dan's Grandma for Chrismtas Dinner and more presents (we had seen my Grandma earlier in December as she was spending Chrimstas in Newcastle). For Christmas dinner I think we had turkey, pork and ham and obviously all the vegetables and trimmings! After eating all that food and opening presents Dan and I slipped into a bit of a food coma and had a nap on the sofa for about an hour, which was very much needed. I think we left about 8pm, and when at home snuggled up on the sofa and waged Star Wars!

Unfortunately I had to work on Boxing Day, 2-7, so at least I got a lie in, but we were meant to go to my Mum's for a second Christmas Day and to see my other grandparents. Luckily work wasn't as busy as it should have been for the first day of the sale, as the weather was awful. So once I got home, I quickly got changed and drove us to my Mum's, where she'd saved us some Christmas Dinner, yum yum, I love her home made gravy!!! It was at my mums I received my big present from Santa, which was a Nikon Coolpix L840, so not a posh posh camera, but getting there! And obviously when you get a new camera the first thing you do a take a picture of your pet! 

Then on the Monday we had a third Christmas afternoon with Dan's Mum. We did it Monday as the football was on, so that killed two birds with one stone. For which, we cooked Chrimstas dinner, well mostly Dan, I wanted to make cupcakes, but he said I wasn't allowed. So we made gammon cooked in coke and Sue brought some turkey over. It was a lovely cosy afternoon, I think I probably napped while the football was on. Dan's mum bought me these fantastic pattern cutting books, which will be great for final year. They show you how to do these unusual things that you wouldn't have a clue how to do by yourself, and she bought Dan a posh bottle of Whiskey for his decanter!

We also managed to have a couple of good nights out, one on the 23rd and one on boxing night with my sister. So although bad stuff happened and will probably continue to happen we had w really nice Christmas. And on New Years two lots of my aunties and uncles came to visit, eight their new puppies, Willow and Chip, 11 weeks old and completely adorable!!! 

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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