Christmas Sales {Shopping}


The biggest sales of the year tend to be those that start on boxing day, and of course being fashion mad I couldn't myself, although most of my shopping was done in the week between boxing day and new year, since I had to work on boxing day! I really love the items I picked up and believe me I could have bought so much more. So I thought I'd share what I bought! (Confession: I didn't actually buy anything from Primark until today, and it needs to go back anyway, so it's not photographed).

Dangly Earrings | New Look | Original Price: £5 | Sale Price: £2

Ear Cuff | New Look | Original Price: £4 | Sale Price: £1

Lime and Grey Plunge Push Up Bra | Marks and Spencers | Original Price: £18 | Sale Price: £8

Lime and Green Knickers | Marks and Spencers | Original Price: £8 | Sale Price: £3

Berry Suedette Bomber Jacket | Marks and Spencers | Original Price: £65 | Sale Price: £40 | Final Sale Price: £21.99

Fluffy Jumper | H&M | Original Price: £15 | Sale Price: £5

Blue Shirt | New Look | Original Price : £15 | Sale Price: £7

Khaki Floaty Top with Back Splits | River Island | Original Price: £26 | Sale Price: £12

Knitted Gilet | River Island | Original Price: £50 | Sale Price: £20

Zip Feature Low Rise Amelie Jeans | River Island | Original Price: £45 | Sale Price: £25

Leatherette Skirt | River Island | Original Price: £25 | Sale Price: £12

Bodycon Dress | River Island | Original Price: £40 | Sale Price: £17

Don't quote me on some of the original prices, as I've since thrown away some of the labels, so I can't be sure about them, not that it really matters anyway!

And unfortunately a couple of these things had to go back due to financial issues. The worst one was the bomber jacket, I wanted to keep that so so badly and when I went back it was still there and even cheaper, but I just don't have the money for it *sob*. The green top also went back, the keyhole just didn't sit right on my chest; short girl problems!

I think my favourites are probably my purchases from River Island, although I have worn my other items a lot already; I love snuggling in my fluffy jumper, which apparently matches my hair perfectly. And I always get compliments in my blue shirt, so definitely not bad choices!

The jeans and gilet are worn to death, I'd had my eye on both of them before the sale started so I was overjoyed when I got them for half the price! And I am waiting, rather impatiently for an occasion to wear my dress! I usually wouldn't wear bodycon dresses as I'm not a fan of my stomach, but with the illusion lines down the front and back it actually makes my figure look quite curvaceous, as long as you don't catch me from the side!

Was your Christmas Sale Shopping Successful?

So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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