Pearl and Flower Necklace {DIY}


Here is a tutorial for a necklace I made some time last year. 
It looks pretty with a long sleeved black top, jeans and pink heels.
 I've been meaning to do this tutorial for a while, but to be honest I've just never been in the mood, but now that the sun has emerged I'm a lot happier and I'm getting a lot more work done.

-So here we go-
You will need:
Some gossy material
Needle and thread
A button

 From your gossy material cut out 5 circles, these by no mean need to be perfect; mine were very rough.
 Light a candle, don't use just a lighter or a match, because your material will be more likely to burn.
 Hold your material not too close to the flame, it should start to contort, creating a little cup.
This is what your little "cup" should look like, they get better the more you practise and the more you get use to the process.
 Do this to all 5 of your circles.
 Pick a button, in the picture are two of my favourites.
Place your "cups" on top of one another, biggest at the bottom and getting smaller, push down the middle as much as possible.
Place your button in the middle of the smallest "cup" and sew it in to place, making sure you go through all the layers of material.
 Your flowers should look something like the ones in the picture. Before this I had only done it with the grey material, but while I was looking for it I found the red material (previously used for a dance show), so thought I'd have a go at making a red one.
 To create the necklace you simply need to spring your pearls on to a thread (I took mine from a necklace I previously had but never wore).
 When you get to where you'd like to place your flower, thread the necklace thread on to a needle and pull it through one of the thread at the back of the flower that was used to sew the button on with. 
Then continue to thread on your pearls, once they are all threaded on, just tie a simple but sturdy knot in the thread so you have created a massive hoop necklace.

I also added these flowers to hair grips/bobby pins, I made one for myself and 2 for my best friend as one of her birthday presents, luckily she loved them!
Hope you like the tutorial and maybe have a go yourself.
Remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little. 

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    1. Oh good, it makes my day to know people like what I make!

  2. ohmygosh, this is amazing, so pretty! i'm not talented at all when it comes to diy projects, but i might give this a try. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. I'm sure you'll do just fine and it'll be gorgeous! =D
    Thanks for popping over!


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