"I am Alive, I can Think..."


"And No One has the Right to Deny me These Two Realities."

I decided to read this very special book, almost on an impulse. One of my best friends had read it as part of her French A-level, and she being one of the most well-read girls that I know said it was worth a read (obviously not in French as I never would have finished it).

The amazing book that I am talking about is:

'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'

Jean-Dominique Bauby

This book tells the emotionally striking story of Bauby's life after a "massive stroke". I started reading this book without having the faintest idea of what it was about; 30 pages in I decided to read the blurb, only to discover that this is in fact a true story of a very poor unfortunate soul.
Most would think that such a book would mostly have been written as a documentation of his illness, but no, it is a collection of his memories and fantasies, any discussion of his passing days were described in a more poetic way. Possibly because he would spend nights awake, memorising what he wanted to express and say to the world, so that the next day a writer could decipher the special code he used to communicate.
I would recommend this book to anyone, I would predict that it'll pull on anyones' heart strings. 
Once you've read it, you'll truly know how lucky and free you are.
So remember, each day, live a little, laugh a little and love a little.

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2 Lovely messages

  1. I love that last sentence. Sounds like a great book to make us realize how blessed we are!

    1. It really is, my Mum warned me it was going to make me sad, and in a sense it did, but it also reminded me how luck I am.


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